Peach Sauce Sublime: Peaches Simmered in Wine

There’s no denying I’m a man who likes to can, fruit especially. This time of year I’m directing a parade...more

Back Door Eyesore: DIY Trellis to the Rescue!

As a homeowner, I rarely make a move...more

Life Lessons From the Month of July

As an admirer of Joseph Campbell, I’ve always loved an axiom he shared in one of his early essays, “Why would you fish for a minnow, when you stand on whale?” Ah Mr. Campbell, so true, so true; and that is why I try to look for wisdom under my feet and in the everyday.(...) The post Life Lessons From the Month of July appeared first on Tall Clover Farm ....more

Some Fine Seasonal Workers, Indeed

My old farmhouse has a history of housing seasonal workers, or so states...more

Bulldog Wisdom: The World According to Boz

He’s not just a pretty face. My...more

Good Morning, Fourth of July!

Awaiting the arrival of the mini-hydroplanes, I’m on the porch with Boz. It’s 5:28 a.m. and while I can’t see the little waterborne wasps, I can hear the drone of their approach...more

5 Things I Learned This Week: Entry 1

The clock reveals an early hour, and yet I feel rested. Birds court through song. Boz snores deeply and with conviction under...more

Gardening Tip: Shredded Paper as Garden Mulch

Junk mail and newspapers are two of my best crops, sprouting up everywhere inside the house, covering surfaces like kudzu. Solution: shredded paper as garden mulch. Before you hyperventilate and say, “NO! ...more

My Life as a Smartphone Laggard

Early adopter I am not. Here it is 2014, and I have yet to embrace the smartphone, a technology that has spread like a virulent disease infecting...more