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I've got my spectacles on, and I'm moonwalking my way through Mommy & Family blogroll here at BlogHer. Uh, moonwalk? That means I'm strolling through the list backwards, you know, the last shall be first and the first shall be last? Here are surf-worthy selections from the Y and W section of the Mommy & Family blogroll.

Blog Date, February 23, 2006: Today I spy three blogs

  • Your Neighborhood Librarian: I remember reading to my children when they were preschoolers. Frequently I thought that some of the lessons in children's books could readily be applied to adult life. For instance, I remember thinking the principle explored in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff. It's the story of one demanding little mouse and its premise could just as easily be applied to adult relationships.

    Yeah, if you give a man a kiss, he'll want a ... the list goes on and on. Later I learned there's already a saying about this phenomenon and men. It's "if you give a man an inch, he'll think he's a ruler."

    My tendency to apply children's stories to adult life probably explains my attraction to this post "My Maserati does one eighty-five" from Your Neighborhood Librarian and blogger P. Willey of Baltimore, MD. In this post she discusses the children's book 17 Things I'm Not Allowed to Do Anymore by Jenny Offill and Nancy Carpenter. While she likes the book, she says she wouldn't read it to her own "leetle" children because she feels her children might find some of the things not allowed too enticing. Still, the book sparked in her an idea.

    This book would be a good graduation present maybe, or a 'boy you f'ed up but aren't you glad you're not six?' present.

    Which got me thinking - I'd love to do an adult version of this book.

    The blogger then gives examples of how the book might be rewritten for adults.

    I really really really wanted to see if my ex-boyfriend still thought about me maybe sometimes.
    I'm not allowed to have my cell phone when I'm drunk anymore.

    Drop by to read the full post and maybe you can add to the list of things you or other adults are no longer allowed to do.

  • Yeah, but Houdini didn't have these hips: Sometimes I look at a blog simply because the title's funny or piques my curiousity. That's why I clicked this blog by Sarah Lynn of Kirland, MO. Here's her description of her blog.
    Life, the universe, and motherhood according to me. I'm a feminist, a liberal, and mom to an amazing little girl with Down syndrome. All that is reflected here, along with whatever I might be feeling at the moment (quite often, it will be exhaustion).

    This woman is a wonderful writer who states her views clearly and respectfully with hopes that others will do the same.

    I think many bloggers can relate to her post ""On Houdini and Abortion" in which she explains why she no longer accepts anonymous comments on her blog. Apparently she's waded through nastiness from anti-abortion activists.

    Visitors who just stop by in order to "debate" abortion-related issues should check out this post first, and realize that my decision not to go 'round and 'round the same old mulberry bush with each anti-abortion activist does not mean that I don't have answers to your questions and challenges. It means that I've already addressed your points here or elsewhere, or someone else has already done so much more eloquently than I have and I do not choose to repeat myself or them.

    I relate to this post because I decided to restrict comments at one of my blogs when I grew weary of answering racists and seeing my blog polluted by their hateful commentary. Like Sarah Lynn, I found I had to repeat myself because some racist posters speak with hive mind but don't read previous comments. If they did, they'd see that their comments are neither new or clever and similar comments have already been addressed.

    I dislike censorship, but I didn't want my blog to become a forum to spread hate. Racists have their own websites for their message and, sadly, too many followers.

    Simply not responding didn't work because such people seemed to assume that no response or reaction meant they were making sense or winning a debate. I don't know what battles Sarah Lynn's faced with anti-abortion activists commenting in her blog, but I guess by her post that it's been unpleasant and tedious. I like her list that states she is a Christian and gives her stand on abortion. She says the post states her views once and for all.

  • Written with Love (and an occasional vent or two): Alyson, aka Aly Cat 121, of Los Angeles, CA, owns this blog where one good thing leads to another. Alysson's "Mommy" blog, while quite engaging in its own right, led me to another family blog, more of a "Daddy" blog by Alyson's husband, Langston Richardson. The "Daddy" blog is called The Daughters of Destiny.

    Her husband describes it as a blog "featuring the daughters of destiny, my wife, and my life with them." It's connected to an attractive multi-media presentation webpage by the same name.

    The blog revolves around the life of a middle-class African-American family with three young daughters. I can't say it's the typical middle-class African-American family because I don't know what's typical these days. However, these folks look an awful lot like families I've known, their lives evolving, packed with sweetness, humor, challenges, lessons, celebration, mom-dad dates, and techie gadgets. Did I mention the beautiful pictures?

    On my Mommy & Family blog trek/blog surf, I spied other blogs bubbling with humor, insight, and family intrigue, but time's up. I'll point you to more blogs another day.

    Nordette Adams is a poet, journalist, fiction writer, and blogger.
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