India Circus Haul

I'm always talking fashion, beauty or food so here's something related to home decor and interiors for a change. India Circus is an online store that offers contemporary-chic, sophisticated, and affordable style for various areas of your life, from home décor to personal accessories. Inspired by life in India today, India Circus incorporates bright and iconic elements of India into its kitsch designs ....more

Bunny Color Brown Review |

Hello and welcome to another brown lens review! I really enjoy reviewing contact lenses because I wear them on a daily basis and have been doing so for over a decade. This pair is called Bunny Color Brown and is from the Korean site K-Lenspop....more

Flipkart #FashionForEveryone Sale + Contest

You obviously know that Flipkart is India's favorite online shopping destination which stocks an insane variety of clothing, fashion, accessories, beauty and lifestyle products along with electronics and books. But did you know how amazing their #FashionForEveryone sale is? This sale is offering discounts till upto 70% off on millions of fashion and lifestyle products ....more

Outfit - Black & Gold

I wear tons of black and this is actually one of my go-to outfits. I've always been fascinated by the Hamsa because not only is it a beautiful design, but also has a strong purpose. So I was delighted to find this lovely black and gold vest on Dresslink featuring it ....more

PepperTap - Your Online Grocery Store

I love grocery shopping because I love cooking and eating and can spend hours at each and every aisle deciding what's on the menu today and what I'd like to make. I even have lots recipes stored in my phone which I refer to while buying ingredients at the supermarket. So what's the problem? ...more

My Envy Box January 2016

The first Envy box of 2016 arrived yesterday and I was more than happy to get a bunch of goodies in it! This month's box was a mix of skincare, beauty and fragrance so it has a little bit of everything. The best part is that it came with 2 full sized products!...more

Editorial - Like A Dream

This was a very exciting project for me as we tried composite photography and the results are spectacular. Looks like I was in a dream, doesn't it? These lovely pictures were a result of a technique where the final picture has added elements from some other images, thus changing the the original ....more

Forever 21 & Target Shopping Guide

It's no secret that Forever 21 and Target are a shopping lover's dream come true so I've come up with a nifty shopping guide with some tips to hep you get the most out of shopping at these two stores....more

Asus Zenpad 8 - Geek Meets Chic

Last year was a serious roller coaster of ups and downs in my life but I guess I was a good girl because Santa got me this shiny new gadget so here is the review! I've been using the Asus Zenpad 8 (Z380KL) for over two weeks now and I absolutely love it. This high resolution 8 inch tablet has a premium design and boasts of high specifications ....more

Bunny 3 Color Gray Review | Klenspop

Since I usually always go for brown lenses, I went gray for a change! And I love the results. These lenses have a dark gray color which blends in with my dark eyes very well and makes my eyes pop with a subtle yet noticeable difference which makes these lenses great for daily wear and for day time wear as well ....more