Do good, eat well and sleep like an angel

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How is it possible that $5 could net you gourmet chocolates? Homemade apple butter? A pre-measured Persian feast for you to serve at home? Here's how: Join Chez Pim's Menu for Hope II and buy a $5 raffle ticket to help people still suffering from the Pakistan earthquake that killed 80,000 and left 3.5 million homeless this fall.

In five short days, this modest little initiative has grossed $6,000 in donations to UNICEF, according to Elise Bauer. [BlogHer: Elise]. I credit the mouth-wateringly diverse menu. Want wholesome and hearty? Put your dibs on Elise's famous apple butter. Palate feeling fancy and French? Heidi Swanson [BlogHer: Heidi] promises haute-couture sweets and her company to any winner who comes to Paris. The exotic abounds, from Amy Sherman's [BlogHer: Amy] delectable-sounding samosas, to Hillel's Coconut Rice Balls, to Spiceblog's Lamingtons. The list just goes on and on. Did I miss your favorite -- or your contribution? By all means, I urge you to link it in the comments below!

Kudos to all involved, most especially Menu of Hope founder Pim [BlogHer: Pim], for launching what appears to be a holiday tradition. For those of you who don't know her, Pim is a pretty famous and oft-cited food blogger who knows the way to your wallet is right through your tummy, courtesy of her tangy wit:

"[W]hat fun would it be just to come begging you for some dough, even if it is for a great cause?  So, in order not to turn our otherwise fun blogs into the PBS pledge break bore, we've put together a huge list of cool, fun and personal gifts --like only we could -- to entice you to donate.  Each of those gifts is offered as a virtual raffle prize.  All you have to do is donate $5 and you will be eligible for the raffle drawing for a gift of your choice ..." 

When you do click through -- mmmm, how could you resist now?! -- remember to list *exactly* what prize you want your raffle ticket to go for.

Off to find a New Year's Workout Resolution lottery...