Around the Dial: Alito, Democratic spinelessness, and one NARAL post

It's time for another twirl of the radio tuner to see what’s playing around the dial. (See if you can catch the stylistic theme to this installment.)

You'll be eased in with a NARAL post, but it's all downhill from there (Alito)…

Dori Smith at Backup Brain swears off supporting NARAL with donations: “Sorry, folks, but it’s actions, not words that really matter.” Read further for the Dori's analysis.

Packed in Saccharin issues a judo-chop that's swift but effective.

Diane E. Dees at DED Space amuses with “Roxie freaks out over Alito”.

The Heretik does its heretiky thing: “Only women, Democrats, and other traitors should be worried with where we are headed. We are so screwed, but only in approved positions. Thank you.

Echidne of the Snakes opts for the polite approach: “I have nothing polite to say on the topic. Get your burqas ready, gals.

The razor-sharp Pinko Feminist Hellcat comments on the spinelessness of it all in “I've got yer divisiveness right here”.

Bonus link: DED Space - “Advance copy of State of the Union address” (Doesn't really fit into the theme, but who can sit on a post like that?)

Did you spot the stylistic theme? It's short posts. That's right, short posts. Two points on your scorecard if you guessed right.

Melinda Casino, Contributing Editor, Feminism & Gender
Sour Duck / Sour Duck's Link Blog


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