UPDATED: Watch this space: BlogHer '07 Button code


New "I'm Going to BlogHer in Second Life" button to join other BlogHer '07 buttons!

And here's the code:

BlogHer '07 I'm<br />
Going in Second Life
"I'm Going to BlogHer in Second Life" code

<a href="http://www.blogher.com/node/21126"><img src="http://www.blogher.com/files/images/120x60_going_secondLife_0.gif" alt="BlogHer '07 I'm
Going in Second Life" title="BlogHer '07, July 27-29" /></a>

Here are the other buttons and code we've got for BlogHer '07:

BlogHer '07 I'm<br />
"I'm Going" button code:

<a href="http://acteva.com/go/blogher"><img src="http://www.blogher.com/files/images/120x60going07_0.gif" alt="BlogHer '07 I'm
Going" title="BlogHer '07, July 27-29" /></a>

BlogHer '07 I'm<br />
"I'm Speaking" button code:

<a href="http://acteva.com/go/blogher"><img src="http://www.blogher.com/system/files?file=120x60_speaking.gif" alt="BlogHer '07 I'm
Speaking" title="BlogHer '07, July 27-29" /></a>

BlogHer '07 logo
Conference theme button code:

<a href="http://acteva.com/go/blogher"><img src="http://www.blogher.com/files/images/120x240_worldDifference_0.gif" alt="BlogHer '07 logo" title="BlogHer '07, July 27-29" /></a>

BlogHer '07 Fun
"Girls Just Wanna Have..." button code:

<a href="http://acteva.com/go/blogher"><img src="http://www.blogher.com/files/images/120x240_fun.gif" alt="BlogHer '07 Fun" title="BlogHer '07, July 27-29" /></a>

BlogHer '07 Banner
Banner code:

<a href="http://acteva.com/go/blogher"><img src="http://www.blogher.com/files/images/468x60_BH07_banner.gif" alt="BlogHer '07 Banner" title="BlogHer '07, July 27-29" /></a>

BlogHer '07 Conference Theme
Alternate size (150x150) conference theme button code:

<a href="http://acteva.com/go/blogher"><img src="http://www.blogher.com/files/images/WorldDifference150x150_2.gif" alt="BlogHer '07 Conference Theme" title="BlogHer '07, July 27-29" /></a>


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