Where Your Treasure Is

As a homemaker, I love to encourage women to be who they were created to be.  For me, it is  raising and loving my family, cooking and creative projects. I love to cook using "real" and "organic" ingredients, but also with a "down-home" flair.   You can find me at my blog: Entitled "Where Your Treasure Is" at this blog address: treasureinanearthenvessel.blogspot.com;  Where I love to share recipes for a joyful and creative home.


Apple Picking

Apple picking time is here… and what fun we have had picking apples with Nathan and Himilce and this trio with us to make a day of it. I know, ...more

Muffin Tin Mania: 20 Unique Muffin Ideas

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A September Recap

September has flown by for us. It has been a busy month, with plenty of catching up here in Colorado, a couple of medical emergencies involving our parents, (not to worry, all is well now), a drive to Denver, ...more

Santa Barbara Road Trip

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Cowboy Caviar

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Home Style Teaching and Homegrown Kids

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14 Southern Recipes for Pie and a Free e-Cookbook

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Quinoa Lentil Salad

Beans or legumes combined with grains make a complete protein, ...more

How to Paint Cats on Rocks

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Philly Steak Pie

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