Is Wireless Broadband in your Future?

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If you live in one of the cities that is providing city-wide wireless internet access everywhere free, you probably already appreciate the ability to take your laptop anywhere you want in the city and be connected. US television ads are appearing hawking the services of the various wireless phone companies who are eager to provide wireless internet access at broadband speeds to account holders in any city where there is coverage. It's coming.

With wide-area wireless broadband services, you have one account, which you use to access the Internet from any coverage area. If you travel a lot, or want to have one Internet account for both work and home, this is an appealing prospect.

Like wireless cell phone service, having coverage where you need it is the key to wireless Internet service plans. The roll out is just beginning and coverage is spotty.

Verizon and Sprint are both expanding their coverage and signing up users. Pricing plans vary, but they appear competitive with what you may now be using. In fact, some are less expensive than the cable service I now have that only works in my home.

Like XM satellite radio, Internet and mobile devices will soon be use-anywhere and we will no longer be tied to wires and home accounts. Is this good, or is this bad?

I'm an early adopter, but probably won't have any experience to report with these services for a while. That's because I live in a state with a very low population and we are usually slow to get services that need profits from the more densely populated areas before they can expand. So if you have any experience with this, tell us what you think.


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