let's talk sports... bras

I know. You don't want to talk sports bras. If you're like me, you just grabbed the cheap-o one at Target and it worked.. ....more

a miniature guide to greenpoint, brooklyn

Here’s a confession for you. I’m a tried-and-true West Coast girl. This past week was my first trip to the true East Coast of the U.S. Shocking, maybe, but Seattle is pretty far from everything.. ....more

so clutch

For your phone...more

one year ago #bloghope

I've started and stopped the post several times. Sometimes in my mind, sometimes on the screen... tap tap tap, delete, delete, delete....more

homemade granola

I really like granola. But granola, like quinoa, and apparently anything that ends in "oa" is expensive. But the items to make granola are fairly cheap and after some tweaking, I finally have the recipe down ....more

5 favorite business books for women

I read a lot, and lately a lot of what I have been reading are "business" books. What I've found is that the business books of today are far from dry. The ones I've found inspiring aren't just numbers and Harvard Business School case studies, but are injected with wit and personality....more

5 little ways to save money when traveling

Saving on vacation-- let's be honest-- that's kind of an oxymoron. I mean, you're paying for time off, and you're splurging already by planning a trip, but that doesn't mean you have to completely forget anything you learned about financial responsibility. There are a few things I do that make vacations a little less spendy and I hope they help you out, too....more

why you should get away with your significant other

A few weeks ago, my husband and I headed to Hawaii, where we spent 7 blissful days away from it all. (minus a few work emails and phone calls. Oops.) It was just us ....more

thrift shop

I really love to thrift shop. I love the thrill of the hunt and the possible bargains. It can be frustrating for sure, but when you score a gem from a second-hand store, it's a feeling that will top shopping at any big-box store....more

get outside

I live in a pretty dang amazing place. And honestly, sometimes I take it for granted. I'm hoping to get outside even more than before: hikes, skiing, camping and exploring in 2015 ....more