Support Your Local Mommyblogger This Valentine's Day.*

I've never been what you'd call a crafty person -- unless creating pithy, expletive-laden slogans can be considered a "craft" -- but for some reason or other I seem to gravitate toward those who craft, perhaps due to frequently being the beneficiary of cool handmade stuff in my role as non-crafty-friend-of-crafty-person.

And is that so wrong?

In any case, with Valentine's Day rapidly beating a path to our doors, what could be better than to support some of our more creative-n-crafty mommybloggers while simultaneously procuring ridiculously cool items for your V-Day gift giving pleasure? I KNOW! NOTHING, right?! Its a win-win, man.


Debbie over at Work For Idle Hands has some adorable kid-sized t-shirts for sale, hand-stitched with whimsical punk rock flare, while the heroic Mrs. Kennedy now offers pink and red versions of her classic Fussy tees for both kids and adults alike. Alternately, if you're not in the market for clothing items, head on over to our beloved Motor City madwoman Melissa's Happy Hour Shoppe for some lovely notepads with Valentine themes, or swing by ninjapoodles and check out Belinda's soaps that look good enough to eat (though I wouldn't, you know, actually do that).

I'm sure there are great gobs of other mothers-who-blog out there deserving of both your love and money, so please feel free to note them in the comments here for all to see. Happy Valentines Day shopping!

*"Local" in the interweb sense, natch. We're all sort of next-door-neighbors out here, right?



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