Thinking about Detoxing

The two littlest are working their way through Roseola. Roman was a pretty high maintenance little invalid, but Lucy June is sweeter than sweet. She lies on the couch and every once...more

More JakeTalk

Even though I posted some kiddo talk like five minutes ago, I just found these in my drafts, and had to share them before they got too dusty. >> 1 << Jake: How old are you?Me: 30Jake: But Papa's 30 and he's a lot bigger than you.PausesJake: Is he 30 and a half? >> 2 << While the kids were playing with their uncle who fell down lifeless on the couch for ten long seconds:Jake: Oh shut, Lucy June ....more

Before and After: Our First Remodel

Remember once upon a time when we bought a house with two of my brothers and remodeled it? Maybe you noticed that we moved out of it, and I never mentioned it on the blog again? A couple readers (literally two) have asked to see pictures of that effort ....more

Follow the Little Rhodes

In another attempt to break my blogging silence: we'll go with the old fashioned what the 4 year old and 2 year old have been dishing out lately. >><< At dinner when Jacob leaned in to tell little Jake something:Jake: Dad, you're throwing beer smell in my face. >><< After Jake overheard me saying something would be a "life saver," he agreed: Jake: Yeah...Such a light saber....more

A Baby's First Week of Life

My, if it hasn't been a few months of totally unexplained if entirely explainable absence.Three kids.Three kids has me whooped. I'm pretty sure our fourth kid will be an accident.We're gonna dive right in with a catch up post just in case little Romie ever wanders through the archives and asks if he had an infancy.You did, Romes, a really jolly one. Roman is remarkably good-natured ....more

The Ro Man's Birth Story (Part All of It)

I usually write birth stories in installments. But this time, I didn't. Which means it's LONG ....more

7 Quick Takes Friday

- 1 - Things are going smoothly enough at casa Rhodes. Just smoothly enough. We're making very slow progress on the remodel, but we're managing most of life's ordinaries: and by that I mean diapers (disposable) and meals ....more


So this blog has been quiet. We moved. We didn't have internet ....more

Favorite Kids Picture Books

I would classify these as family favorites for the 2-4 and 30 year old crowd.Lucy June's favorite book is this one (she's original), and Jake's favorite is this one, and B. J. Novak's book had him practically hyperventilating. I'm pretty partial to this one, but the books that made this list are ones that ALL of us love.This means that the kids like them genuinely, request them incessantly, recite them spontaneously, and they're not too long ....more

Remodel Update

So we're about a week away from moving. Knock. On ....more