The Rhodes Log

I'm a teacher turned stay at home wife and mother. I started my blog a few years ago - like so many moms - to keep my far away family updated with pictures of the littles. But I soon found myself part of a community of women, and now I blog because of how enriching this internet community has been. I like simple living and reading and telling stories and running and crafting. I like coffee in the morning and wine in the evening.

Things I'm Loving this Summer

Hullo, July! I'd like you to note how relatively cool June was and its manageable number of mosquitos. Its watermelons however weren't that great, so you could totally one up her on that account ....more

Catch Up Catch Up

Just shy of two months later and she's attempting another blogging reentry.My lands how I've missed this space.I think about you all a lot, but every time I try to write I end up like...crying or something. I don't know. These last few months - or let's just call it 2015 - has been TOUGH ....more

Fluffy Ramblings and a Bump

I started my last draft with a plan to go full fluff, but then things got heavy. I cried while I wrote it. I think posts no longer qualify as fluff once someone starts crying.So I paused it ....more

Landscaping is for the Bees: Before and After

**This post is sponsored. But please don't run away!! It's still me! ...more

Some Jake Talk

Today I'm giving you a break from nauseatalk and instead we're gonna talk Jake. Jake is a pretty awesome kid; he's also very challenging. His favorite games to play with people all involve things like roaring in people's faces and sitting on people's heads, so you can imagine how smoothly life goes now that he has a prissy sister hanging around all the time ....more

The State of the Rhodes

Nothing like a good ole fashioned family update to jump back on the blogging scene.(No promises that I'm back on the wagon for real. I'm 15 weeks in and nausea doesn't usually clear for me entirely until 18 weeks, but since it has consigned itself to the afternoons/evenings recently, I might actually find some time to write. We shall cross our fingers and see.)So ....more

Here's The Thing

I haven't been able to write on the blog recently.Believe me I've tried - not very hard - but I've tried a little.It's this little thing called motivation. I have zero right now.No motivation for anything. Not cooking or cleaning or laundry or writing or reading (except for this book...more

The Temperaments God Gave My Kids

The other day, I was hanging out with this old friend and her sixteen month old. And this sixteen month old is such a boy. He got into everything ....more

Cream Cheese Sausage Queso

I am not, nor will I ever be, a food blogger. I might send you to someone else's water kefir tutorial. I might have Michael Ruhlman's Ratio...more

On Preschool

So thanks to travel and illness and holidays and my laptop hard drive totally spazzing out, this blog has not been getting any attention.Save yourself some grief and back up your hard drive right now. We had most of our really important stuff in the cloud, but we hadn't backed up our images since like mid 2013. Stupid stupid stupid ....more