Creole Contessa


My name is Lisa and I am the head cook at the Creole Contessa Blog. O.K. I am the only cook, but I do have little helpers i.e. my family Baby Girl and occasionally Big Goo. I decided to create the Creole Contessa Blog after cooking and eating a wonderful meal with my family. I knew the world needed to experience the food goodness that I was eating and cooking daily.

I am not reinventing the wheel, I am just a California girl who spent every summer with my late grandma in Louisiana. I watched my grandma cook wonderful meals and I’ve had the wonderful experience of learning how to cook from my mother and aunts.

Food is truly love in my family, we not only enjoy great food, food is part of our heritage.

My goal at the Creole Contessa blog is to take my family traditions and my love of cultural foods and put a Creole spin on it! I can “Creolize” any dish, just watch and see!

Thank you for joining me at the Creole Contessa Blog, where we’re “Letting the Good Times Roll…One Meal at a Time!”

Love, Lisa

Bacon Hot Dogs

Bacon Hot Dogs are one my favorite ways to eat a hot dog! When I was a kid we would take the bacon, wrap it around the dog and bake them in the oven, turning them until the bacon was crispy. As I’ve gotten older and wiser, I’ve decided that the best way to make my bacon dogs is to fry the bacon separately, then top the dogs! ...more

Sausage Egg Cheese Biscuit with Louisiana Smoked Sausage

It’s been a long week folks. I’ve missed a few days of sharing recipes because I was preparing Baby Girl for back to school. Not only is Baby Girl returning back to school my mother has just relocated to Las Vegas from Texas ....more

Red Curry Shrimp

With back to school fast approaching I’ve decided I must create meals in minutes. Red Curry Shrimp is one of my quick, fast, but flavorful meals in minutes. When I say quick and fast I mean in less than 10 minutes you have a meal ready to eat ....more

Shrimp Po Boy

It’s Shrimp Po Boy time! Big Goo and I loved my Creole Fried Shrimp I made the other day so much that we decided we needed this food goodness in a sandwich. Enter the wonderful Po Boy ....more

Greek Fried Chicken

One word, Greek Fried Chicken, o.k. that’s three words but let’s not focus on chicken formalities. This is one of the best chicken recipes I’ve ever made! Baby Girl and I decided that it must be the Greek yogurt, because this chicken was super crispy ....more

Creole Fried Shrimp

Who doesn’t love crispy fried shrimp? It’s something about eating Creole Fried Shrimp that just makes me very happy! I believe well seasoned, fried perfectly, spicy shrimp, is just pure food goodness ....more

Pan Roasted Cod

It’s another glorious day with a wonderful seafood dish! My Pan Roasted Cod is the perfect quick cook fish dish. Not to worry, I took care of Baby Girl and her seafood allergies by cooking her Greek food ....more

Feta Shrimp Pasta

I made myself a promise to start cooking more seafood dishes. My Feta Shrimp Pasta is not only quick, it’s so full of flavor you will be hooked like Big Goo when he took his first bite! I am a big lover of all things seafood but when Baby Girl was born with seafood allergies I pretty much put a halt on cooking and eating seafood ....more

Baked Thai Chicken Wings

It’s a chicken wing kind of day! Not only is it the start of NFL Preseason Football, it’s the start of wing season. I am starting off the season right with my Baked Thai Chicken Wings! ...more

Tea Cake Orange Glazed

Who doesn’t love a nice piece of Southern tea cake on a beautiful sunny day? My Tea Cake Orange Glazed makes me want to put on my favorite dress, fancy pearls, and Sunday hat! Yes, it’s a Southern thang ....more