The Starbucks Challenge

This week, I had the opportunity to see a panel of Environmental Bloggers here at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club. Among those bloggers was Green LA Girl, one of the founders of the Starbuck's Challenge.

Starbucks has decreed that consumers should be able to get a cup of fair-trade certified coffee at any Starbucks in the world, and if it's not already brewed they will French press a cup for you. Siel, the Green LA Girl, is among many bloggers who are putting that promise to the test. You see, Starbucks says that it can't increase it's purchases of Fair Trade Certified coffee unless there is a customer demand for it. But the Starbucks Challenge is setting out to show Starbucks what happens when someone orders a cup at their stores -- sometimes it works, and more often it doesn't.

This challenge has elicited many responses. For more information, read posts by:

Claire, a Starbuck's barista.
The Worsted Witch, who took the challenge in Manhattan.

Or check out the Starbucks Challenge on for the most up to date links.

Interested in taking the challenge? Keep an eye on Green LA Girl for announcements on the Starbucks Challenge 4.0 in March!


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