How I became an entrepreneur – and why we’re working to help working mamas like you!

If there’s one thing I love about Spring and the...more

I hate daylight savings time. But I’m determined to make today productive.

Daylight savings time kicks my ass, every single year. Yesterday, my kids woke up crabby. Christopher had a major blow out, Ricky’s pull up leaked, and it felt like there was not enough coffee in the world to make...more

Today is one of those days where I wish I could be a stay-at-home-mom.

Today is one of those days where I just wish I could be a stay at home mom. It’s not that I don’t like working – in fact, I adore working. I love working with clients, and the kind of...more

Marriage Shift: Build a stronger partnership by changing your perception

I’ve always been a planner. Lists,...more

Every Day is Valentine’s Day: 10 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Marriage – Starting Now!

Valentine’s Day as someone who’s married with babies is so much different than Valentine’s Day pre-kids. Before we had kids, we’d probably do a loungy breakfast in bed, and spend the day doing super couple-y things. We’d exchange presents and cards, have delicious desserts, and maybe rent a romantic movie ....more

Baby loss and the preschooler mind: a conversation with my 3 year old

Last night, we were sitting at the dinner table, and out of the blue, Ricky said, “I have a sister daddy. Do you know that?” Innocent, not totally understanding what he was really talking about, he continued. “Her name is Addison ....more

The Power of a Vision Board

You guys. It’s 2016. Can you believe it? ...more

Stocking Stuffers for Moms: Let’s Get Real

Well, my friends, the holiday shopping season is among us. And every year, I’m bombarded with requests from advertisers to feature their super awesome product for kids on my blog. Or add this fabulous whatchamading to a gift guide for the hubs ....more

Back to Blogging: Where I’ve Been

You guys. I feel like it’s been SO LONG since I’ve written. And really, it has been almost two months ....more

Photos on My Phone, and Kodak Moments to the Rescue

Back when I was pregnant with Ricky, I was so excited to...more