She Coached a Game Five Hours After Giving Birth

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The title of this post is accurate. Carol Russell, the coach of Nebraska-Kearney felt bad because she arrived three minutes late to the North Central Region basketball tournament. I would say that showing up at all after giving birth five hours earlier is pretty impressive.

I'll be honest, I don't remember very much about the day my kids were born, but if I had to guess what I was doing five hours after they were born I would say I was most likely getting a blood transfusion.

That is a far cry from coaching a basketball game.

Karen at Strollerderby agrees:

Whoa! I thought I was tough, driving the family home from the mall once while in labor (those stoplights were a bitch), but Carol! Wow! I don't know about you, but five hours after having any one of my four children, I was thinking about maybe finding out what it was like to walk again.

Russell is so tough that she convinced Erin and Roy from A Line a Day that the women versus men debated has been settled. Roy wrote:

I still probably would have said if asked that men are inherently stronger than women, up until today when I stumbled upon a sports article online. It informed me that - [Five hours after giving birth to her first child, coach Carol Russell was back on the bench and encouraging her players in the North Central Region basketball tournament]. This would have to rank as the greatest motivational ploy of all time. Talk about not allowing your players any excuses to loaf on defense.

I'm not sure if I think Carol Russell is amazingly driven by her career or if she is just a little bit crazy, but I do know that a woman that is that dedicated to the girls on her team is probably going to be one heck of a mother.

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