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A Virginia gal now living in the land of scnitzel and beer. Join Margo as she bikes, tastes, hikes and photographs her way through Europe!

Boating on Lake Annecy, France

Finally. We made it to Annecy. (happy dance!) A few weekends ago Dan and I scribbled off a bucket list destination I've been absolutely dying to see for years ....more

10 Must See Places in ICELAND (by Kaelene!)

Hi everyone! I am Kaelene from Unlocking Kiki where you will find me blogging about my life in Iceland and the adventures it throws my way. Iceland, random right? ...more

The Dutch Countryside and Clogs: A Bike Tour

A warm breeze, pedals underfoot, peaceful countryside and cheese, these are things I enjoy....more

Dawn and Dusk in Sicily & $90 Gift Card to J.Crew

When in Sicily you: eat pizza, drink wine, and wake up early to take pre-dawn pictures....more

A Quick Guide to Vienna (by Kasi!)

Hi everyone! I'm Kasi from...more

Corniglia & The Killer Cinque Terre Hike

If you like: wanderlust-ing, cozy coastal villages, stunning views, Italy, warm sunshine, or hiking then keep reading. Otherwise, just stop - you'll hate what you're about to see. While in Cinque Terre this summer my family and I set out to section hike the trail that connects the 5 seaside villages ....more

Cruising the Ridiculously Pretty Canals of Amsterdam

I had a really over-the-top summer. I got married (!), hiked the Austrian Alps, drank wine in Paris, went boating in Cinque Terre and cheered Germany on in a World Cup victory. I've now set an unattainable bar for all future summers, haven't I? ...more

6 Things you MUST do in Greece (by Jamie!)

Hey there! I'm Jamie from Gunters Abroad and I am on cloud nine to be guest posting for Guten Blog Yall! I am an American living in England, sharing mine and my husband's adventures across Europe ....more

Wandering adorable Valkenburg Aan De Geul

Often times my travels are derived from Pinterest boards, recommendations from fellow bloggers and Anthony Bourdain (love him). Geography obviously lends a hand in determining feasibility but typically I've been able to find a cheap bus or RyanAir flight to justify the transit....more

10 little towns in EUROPE you need to visit NOW!

Here it is. Check out what I consider the 10 most beautiful, charming, little towns in Europe. I hope this wanderlust-inducing list kicks you into booking your next trip, because really, you just have...more