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I am a pro-Photographer turned pro-Blogger.  I have a photography site for photographers, educating them on marketing and building their business.  I am also starting a blog for bloggers focused on helping them takes better photographs for their blogs.

Why I was shooting with my lens in manual focus and why I was WRONG!

When I first started doing photography, I had no idea what I was doing. It’s the truth. I quickly tried to gather as much information from as many photographers as I could, but I would later find out you have to be careful about who you talk to ....more

Pinterest Messaging for your Photography Business | A Great Collaboration Tool

Have you discovered that Pinterest has a new feature for all to use?...more

5 Great Photography Organizations to be Passionate About

I think most of us started out taking photos because we enjoyed it. We loved the interactions between people and the raw emotion that we could capture that could be relived through our work. As we delve deeper into the business aspects of photography, we get busy with pricing and marketing ....more

Automating Your Workflow in Photoshop | Making Corrections

I think it is safe to say that we are all on the same page when it comes to automating our workflow in Photoshop, making corrections is hard work, it’s very time consuming and as a photographer time is money. Automation is a must especially when it comes to making corrections to our images because […] The post Automating Your Workflow in Photoshop | Making Corrections appeared first on JL Photography | Photography Business Blog | Free Lightroom Templates ....more

Remember 9-11

Just wanted to share this image that I made...more

Facebook Timeline Templates updates & the BIG Giveaway Winners!

First about the updates…then the Winners at the BOTTOM!!! So my kids have been in school a month, and the Facebook Timeline updates have been sitting patiently on my To Do list. ...more

How to Organize and Backup Digital Downloads

Tell me if this scenario (true story of mine, of course) fits you: Purchase (or find free) all kinds of awesome Actions and Presets, etc! Download to computer. Move to Lightroom/Photoshop proper folders ....more