Pretzel Bar Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

This Pretzel Bar Ice Cream Sandwich Cake is a delicious summer treat. Ice cream is layered between two mounds of pretzels, giving you that satisfying salty-sweet, crunchy-creamy combo. It is turning out to be the hottest summer of all time here in my neck of the woods ....more

Dinner: the playbook

I may be a little late to the game, but I have to rave about this cookbook. Here’s my review of Dinner:The Playbook....more

50 Picture Books for Summer Adventures

Armchair travel anyone? We’re sharing 50 of our favorite picture books for some Summer Adventure reading!...more

Recipes from the Garden

Gardening doesn’t come easily to me, but we’ve managed to harvest some edibles already. I’m excited to share our favorite Recipes from the Garden this year! Honestly, I want to love gardening, and I do love it in my head, but the reality of gardening is so challenging for me ....more

Family Summer Bucket List: 50 Fun, Cheap Summer Ideas

We aren’t heading to any exotic locations this summer and we don’t have any plans that could really be considered exciting. It would be easy to let these months roll by without fanfare, but I’ve found that taking the time to make a Family Summer Bucket List helps us to really enjoy the season. Not only do we accomplish more and set aside more time for fun and adventures because we’ve put them on a list, marking the things down that we would do anyway (like go to the Farmer’s Market or to the Splash Pad) helps us to pay more attention to the fun we are having ....more

Top Family Read Aloud Books (Ages 5 to 12)

My favorite time of the day is the hour just before bed time. After everyone has changed into pajamas and brushed teeth, we all pile into my bed for an hour or so of reading. We start with a few picture books for the littlest ones, then scriptures, then we end with a few chapters out of a book we’ve chosen as a family ....more

Lemon Crumble Muffins

So much good flavor in these Lemon Crumble Muffins! Bright, cheery muffins with a burst of lemon that really will make you smile....more

On Becoming More Resilient: We Can Do Hard Things

I have been thinking a lot about resilience lately. Mostly because I haven’t been feeling very resilient. It was far from the worst thing that I’ve ever had to deal with, but ever since my car was crunched by a garbage truck at the start of the year, I’ve had a hard time bouncing back ....more

Write Your Own Set of Personal Commandments

Two years ago, in the middle of my second divorce and a few months before my fourth baby was born, I was looking for anything that would help me survive the dark storm that was rolling in. I was feeling desperate and despairing, so I was willing to try anything. When I saw a challenge from Gretchen Rubin to write your own personal commandments to be happier, I didn’t really think it would make a big difference to my situation, but doing something was better than doing nothing and letting my mind wander with worries and fears ....more

Sweet Brunch Casserole

This Sweet Brunch Casserole is what you get when you combine an omelet, french toast, and a blueberry muffin – it’s so delicious!...more