The 10th Erase Racism Carnival

I'm currently hosting the Erase Racism Carnival on my blog, Racialicious. There were so many great links that I thought I'd cross-post it here. Consider this a super-sized link post. :)

The Erase Racism Carnival is a collection of blog posts dedicated to creating a world free of racism. It's published around the 20th of every month. The idea is to get more people blogging and/or reading about creating a world free of racism. It's also a great way to get new readers for your blog. If you would like to host a future edition, check for availability here and email vegankid or Rachel with your interest.

I've grouped the submissions by theme, though naturally there's plenty of overlap:

  • Race and Racism in the Media and Pop Culture
  • Race, Racism and Parenting
  • Alliance-Building in Fighting Racism
  • Oppression and Discrimination
  • White Supremacy and White Privilege

Race and Racism in the Media and Pop Culture

Blog: Cynical Anti-Orientalist
While I understand that the film was based on a comic book, I found the portrayals of Persians (played by people of all backgrounds) disturbing. Without throwing a fit about orientalist ideas of the Near East, let me list some problems I personally had with the film (with a queer, feminist and woman of color perspective of course)...

The ‘Nigger’ Top 10
Blog: Undercover Black Man
Rather than construct a logic-based argument against the prohibitionists, I thought it’d be fun to assemble a list of the all-time most socially redeeming usages of the word “nigger.” This would show by example that the word itself is neither good nor evil. It’s an instrument with which to convey ideas – as all words are – and thus has a right to exist.

World White News Coverage
Blog: Double Consciousness
I than said how the way the news is going about presenting the news is basically wrong. She's talking about how they need to appeal to a mass audience and yet she seems to be saying she's appealing to a white audience, which is not the majority demographic in the Bay Area.

Faces in the Crowd
Blog: Double Consciousness
Walking into The Filmore all one could see was a sea of white faces (which I'm guilty of myself) and barely any people of color, which is the demographic that The Coup would want to target, especially since their music talks about liberation, the overthrow of capitalism, and white supremacy, and racism.

Framing Barack Obama and Black Voters
Blog: Rachel's Tavern
This is the same problem we see time and time again with the media coverage of Obama and Black voters. Many people seem to be perplexed as to why black voters are not flocking to Obama in droves, and then they are shocked that black voters are deliberative, taking time to analyze Obama’s positions.

I Bless the Rains Down in Africa
Blog: Pitchfork
Like most of you reading this, I know far more about the people and places of the Star Wars universe than of Africa. Even though Star Wars is a movie, and Africa is the second-largest continent on Earth and the birthplace of mankind, I spend roughly nada time thinking about the latter, while the former has shaped my life since I was four.

Graphic Novel — American Born Chinese
Blog: Zuky
Last Sunday night, I stretched out on the couch, turned on a reading lamp, and read Gene Luen Yang's graphic novel American Born Chinese in one delighted sitting, engrossed and elated by the book's fresh look at growing up as a Chinese boy in America. It was a terrific read.

Karen Scott’s Racism in Romance Survey
Blog: The Way There
Our books are marketed based on our race. We are treated a certain way because we are black and no other reason. We are excluded from many venues in the romance community because we are black. But nobody is ever racist or acts in a racist manner unless it’s in KKK fashion. Even though nothing is more significant than race to a black author, viewing things racially is fundamentally wrong–even though we’re primarily defined by our race within our writing careers.

“Po’pay, A True American Hero”…An Ambitious Documentary About an Amazing Man
Blog: NativeVue
Several years ago, the Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo in New Mexico teamed up with filmmakers Derek Stokes and Catherine Angeles of Skalalitude Productions to change all that. Their upcoming feature-length documentary, Po’pay, A True American Hero, will pay tribute to the man, and perhaps even more importantly, the legacy of his victorious revolt against the Spanish in the lives of modern-day Natives seeking to maintain their languages and traditions.

Apple’s new iPhone commercial
Blog: Eric Stoller's blog
I recently blogged about Apple’s “Hello” commercial for the iPhone. The ad featured 24 white men, 6 white women, and 1 African American man. So I guess it is safe to assume then that Apple is marketing the iPhone to white folks + Sam Jackson aficionados. Right?

Race, Racism and Parenting

Tracing Race: one immigrant's journey from race awareness to anti-racist consciousness
Blog: white anti-racist parent
We are now white parents of a white child in the whitest major city in the U.S. (coincidence?) and are working on our own race awareness and thinking about how to raise our child in an anti-racist way. In order to parent this way, I find that I have to do a lot of soul searching...

Handling Racism as a Child
Blog: Upside-Down Adoption
I want to take a very close look at the statement that "parents of color are better equipped to teach their children how to handle racism". It's a statement that's very important for transracial and intraracial adoption. It often gets dropped into a debate or a conversation and just left there.

How Do You Say Mother in Korean?
Blog: My American Meltingpot
...she goes on to recall how for the entire first year of his life in the U.S., Toby would call out in his sleep, Ama Ama. "We don't know what that meant," Deborah Dawson said on camera. "We don't know if he was missing his real mother or the women at the orphanage or what." Now, I admit, I had a lot of Korean friends at one time. And I know my way around a Korean restaurant. But even if I didn't I can figure out that Ama means MOTHER!!! HELLO!?!

The Making of a Scholar
Blog: Anti-Racist Parent
And my eyes kept returning to the striking fact that not one of the star students in that class was black, not even my very intelligent son, a boy whose state test results had ranked him above the 90th percentile in reading and math. The phenomenon I saw playing out in front of me, ensnaring my child, has a name: “The Achievement Gap.”

Alliance-Building in Fighting Racism

From a White Anti-Racist Activist, A Pledge to People of Colour
Blog: Ally Work
I do not wish to speak for you, and know I cannot. I believe that white people have an obligation to make the changes necessary to eradicate racism and I wish to work actively towards this goal. It is wrong to expect the victim to change the oppressor, and it is unfair to expect the victim to change the system.

The Chariots Final: Immigrants at the Marathon
Blog: Musings of a Muslim Mind
If we have adopted this country to be our home, then we cannot separate ourselves from the injustice that has occurred in its history, even if we had no role in it. This is because removing someone from the pangs of injustice, is still a part of a Muslim's responsibility, regardless of his role in causing that injustice. There are other lesser (in importance) reasons, some perhaps self-serving, for the involvement of Muslims in pushing affirmative action...

Asian American Women Bloggers
Blog: Cynical Anti-Orientalist
I personally feel that this problem is dividing our community. We all know (or should know) that playing the blame game doesn't really get us anywhere. Has anyone heard of divide & conquer? My hope is that there will be an increasing awareness on the identity politics of Asian men AND women. Having an EXPLANATION of why Asian women date white men should be more in the spotlight.

Oppression and Discrimination

Racism, Creationism, Darwinism
Blog: Greg Laden
The process of scientific inquiry, debate, research, and analysis has resulted in this simple set of conclusions: The “races” themselves are illusory, the genetic determinism of behavior and ability is without foundation, and the ethnic or identity based linkage to correlated genes is nonsense. Yet, the concept of race remains just as strong today as it ever was, outside of the biological sciences.

Us and Them
Blog: Passion, People and Principles
Even when it is motivated by an honorable desire to rectify past discrimination, it is nevertheless “group think” to base one’s arguments on group identification. For example, a female blogger sent me an email, very gently asking why there were no female bloggers on my blogroll. The thought had never occurred to me to contemplate the question – you might just as well have asked whether or not there were any African American or Muslim bloggers on my blogroll (I don’t know.)

About “Positive” Stereotyping and Fighting Oppression
Blog: The Anti-Essentialist Conundrum
How exactly do we go about refuting positive stereotypes in general? Proving the opposite, or pointing to instances where it’s not relevant? There’s a difference. Proving the opposite means making yourself look like a damned fool.

On Living Brown
Blog: A Womyn's Ecdysis
Brown is never Brown.
Brown is never seen.
Cuz it's transparent.
An Invisible machine.

Special Post: "Slave Owner's Manual"
Blog: Don't Read This Blog
Don't forget you must pitch the old black male vs the young black male2, and the young black male against the old black male. You must use the dark skin slaves vs the light skin slaves and the light skin slaves vs the the dark skin slaves. You must use the female slave vs the male slave, and the male slave vs the female slave. You must also have your white servants and overseers distrust all blacks, but it is necessary that your slaves trust and depend on us but they must love, respect, and trust only us.

The Double Bind of Articulateness
Blog: Short Schrift
this is the real paradox of articulateness, and where the black rhetorical tradition comes in. White people might believe that most black people fall short of basic standards of articulateness, but when it comes to exceptional articulacy, especially in the political arena, American whites -- and especially white liberals -- have nearly always turned to African-Americans.

Roundup — The Hmong in America
Blog: Zuky
I'll never forget a conversation I had in China with a white American priest-professor from the Midwest, who thought he was somehow complimenting Chinese folks when he said, "Yes, there is some racism against the Chinese in the States, but I think a lot of that is because many Americans mistake the Chinese for the Vietnamese and the Hmong, who are dirty and uneducated, unlike the Chinese."

Latin America Racial Diversity
Blog: Latina Viva
The "Latino race" thing bothers me. It's just ridiculous; I'm tired of explaining again, and again, and again, that Latin is a culture, not a race. Race is a biological classification; it shouldn't be used to classify millions of Latin Americans, who belong to different biological types (Black, Indian, Asian, Caucasian, etc.).

The Railroad and the Diaspora
Blog: Zuky
In any case, the more I look into the story of the railroad, the more I stumble upon fascinating textural details. And I find it fascinating because, quite frankly, I can't imagine a more distinctly American story. As strange as this may sound, I believe that the story of the Chinese in America is indeed as American as any apple pie cliché. It's a story of imperialist expansion, genocide, immigration, scientific capitalism, racism — and human survival, ingenuity, and transcendent dignity, despite it all. Isn't this precisely The American Story?

Rudy: The Candidate of White Racism
Blog: Red State Impressions
The implicit promise of a Giuliani presidency for right-wing columnists (here's Rich Tucker at is that Rudy will be just as aggressive towards Arabs, illegal immigrants, and other non-white populations as he was toward African-Americans in New York. In other words, Rudy's hope to win the presidency is that he is the man who can successfully apply the racial archetypes of white people to the America's conduct of the war on terror.

White Supremacy and White Privilege

Whose Civilization We Talking About?
Blog: The Primary Contradiction
The Association of Social Anthropologists in the UK has come out to publicly condemn the usage of terms like “stone age,” “primitive,” and “savage” to describe the world’s indigenous peoples. They are the latest organization to get on board with Survival International’s Stamp it Out campaign, which has been working for over a year to educate politicians, journalists, academics, and global professionals about the harm of using pseudoscientific terminology to describe those who live in traditional systems.

Empty Spaces Waiting For Whites To Move In
Blog: Alas, a blog
"...there’s also the idea for New Yorkers that you want to be the first person to discover something, so there’s a certain cache in having been maybe the first person or the first set of people living over on the Meatpacking district side of things."

The Long Beach Beating Case And Race
Blog: Alas, a blog
Conservatives imply that looking at these cases shows that white institutional power — and racism — are myths. But what I see is that the system pretty much works the way it’s supposed to for white defendants, or at least for white defendants with some money; for us, the system doesn’t convict without sufficient evidence. That’s simply not true for black defendants. And that’s why comparing these cases convinces me that institutional racism is still treating non-whites like crap, and still matters, and still needs to be fought.

Oh, Yeah, I Want To Go On After That Act...
Blog: Ilyka Damen
Those “friends” of my parents who complained so bitterly about the woman with X number of children (where X=more than some entitled white person thought they should have) who bought –gasp- a six pack of soda with her food stamps? The most vocal were white house wives, who were casually racist (“Darling, when I say Mexican whore, I don’t mean you, you’re not a Mexican Mexican--besides, you look very Spanish!”)

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