Clarification: How speaker submissions work.

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It was suggested to me that I could be a little more clear with my description of how speaker submissions will work. So here is a more detailed description:

Day One is all about technical training and hands-on learning. We have determined the schedule, but we need instructors. I am looking for people to submit themselves or others as qualified to lead any of the sessions currently without named instructors. You could submit your resume, your applicable site URLs, other speaking experience or teaching experience...whatever you think will make the case that you should lead a session. If you do not want to be an instructor, but see a session where you'd like to be a floating mentor, helping people hands-on, particularly in languages other than English, you can let me know that too.

Day Two, which is yet to be published, is going to be more about the community, the conversation and the culture of blogging. There will be two kinds of sessions when released: those like Day One that are already defined, but need speakers, and probably 6 open sessions slots for what we call "Room of Your Own" topics...sessions that BlogHer the organization will not define, but are eager to let BlogHers in the community define for us.

When Day Two is published you can either, again, propose yourself as a speaker for a specific session, or if you think we're missing the boat by not having a session on _______ (fill in the blank) you can volunteer to organize one in a Room of Your Own track.

Last year some of the Room of Your Own sessions were among the most well-attended and buzz-worthy sessions the whole day...leaving some of the planning to you truly makes this the "conference the community built" and embodies the spirit of Do-ocracy that BlogHer embraces.

Feel free to contact me directly if you still have questions, or with your submissions.


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