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Ashley is a baguette-partial travel blogger with a love for yoga, adventure and perfectly ripe cheese.

Why I Want to Settle Down (At Least for a Bit)

So I have an announcement! I got a job and am moving to Denver, Colorado,...more

Blogger Spotlight: Meet Shing from The Culture Map

Hey guys! So I’m really excited to share with you my first blogger interview with...more

The Taj Majal at Sunrise: A Photo Essay

Before leaving India I knew I’d have to make one last stop- the Taj Majal. The Taj Majal is located in Agra, a few hours south of New Delhi....more

High-rolling in Delhi

After a month of Yoga Teacher Training and 10 days hiking the Himalayas, we were back to civilization in New Delhi. In the past five weeks, I had eaten meat once (goat stew), drunk one beer (Kingfisher- blergh), completed...more

Magic in the Mountains: My 10-Day Himalayan Trek (Part II)

You can read about part one of my Himalayan trek here. After three days of trekking I finally started to get the hang of hiking. Okay, fine- both sleeping in a sleeping bag and uphill hiking were still miserable, but I was acclimating ....more

Magic in the Mountains: My 10-Day Himalayan Trek (Part 1)

Let’s just get the tough stuff out of the way: my ten-day Himalayan trek in Northern India was hard. While I didn’t get altitude sickness, I did suffer from...more

What I Learned from Giving Up Meat, Alcohol and Complaining in India

This spring I attended a Yoga Teacher Training in India with my good friend McCall. Upon arriving in Rishikesh we took an ascetic wellness pledge. For the next 30...more

What to Pack for a Yoga Teacher Training in India

When I was packing...more

What is a Yoga Teacher Training in India Like?

This spring I completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. My 30-day training...more

Things That Scare Me + This Month’s Sponsors!

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