Life In Limbo

Here are some things you might like to know: my favourite candy is sour cherry blasters, I'm a vegetarian, my favourite thing to do is hang out in bookstores, I love getting excited about new ideas, I'm a sucker for word puzzles, I'm a homebody, my favourite thing to spend money on is going out to eat, I'm a feminist, I enjoy taking photos of my surroundings, and I like you already!

Inspiration: July 29

Reading this post makes me so inspired to tackle a big creative project. Going on a trip soon? Here are some helpful/hilarious tips for airplane (or really any kind of) travel ....more

Inspiration: July 22

I am (obviously) obsessed with the idea of keeping a book journal and might start doing so right away! It seems like the kind of thing I’ll be sad I didn’t start sooner but...more

Inspiration: July 14

Love love love these ideas for business & creativity habits to adopt. I wish we all had this kind of filter for casual sexism. Yes Andy! ...more

Inspiration: July 7

Never not looking for something to read. Here are a few lists that I plan to scout heavily in my quest for summer books: Washington Post + The What. The most adorable comics illustrating a cozy relationship (heart-eyes-emoji) ....more

Inspiration: June 9

This is a Google Chrome extension that puts all your open tabs into one tab. Thank goodness. They tried to make it into a meme, but guess what, Oprah is right about almost everything ....more

Book Club: March + April

I love to read, and I love to talk about...more

Inspiration: June 2

Adding all of these recommendations to my summer reading list! Also planning to hit up Books Are Magic when I’m in New York this summer. I made a Summer Bucket List this week and it was a lot of fun ....more

Inspiration: May 26

I love this comic for so clearly and explicitly explaining something that is so difficult to articulate or put into words, but so important and relates to such a prevalent issue. Send it to someone the next time they tell you, “You should have asked for help!” Austin Kleon created another list of awesome advice for recent graduates (or anyone in transition). His original list is linked in the post, if you’re curious ....more

On Growing Pains

Remember when I wrote that moving to Toronto would be my next big adventure? At the time, I thought I was being kinda cute or kinda funny or something: I was moving back home after a few years of living abroad. I knew that this chapter would bring its own challenges, but how hard could it be? ...more

Inspiration: May 19

I am vindicated! As my parents can attest, I talk to myself constantly. #sorrynotsorry Look at this big beautiful book stack ....more