Friday DIY favorites

[Left- crochet pattern for a cute, market tote, Right- Build your ow modern plant stand] [Left- turn a dress into a crop top and skirt, Right- DIY your own Anthropologie curtains by adding lace to the edges] [Left- Use temporary tattoos to dress up a plain tray, Right- photo transfer...more

DIY Anthropologie francis scarf

[leather jacket: Chloé] I love the retro glam feel of this Anthropologie scarf!...more

DIY Anthropologie betim cuff

Anthropologie is one of my favorite places to search for DIY inspiration because many of their items are relatively easy and inexpensive to re-create. This cuff bracelet retails for $198 but I was able to make a similar one for $3 (price of the cuff- I had the fabric and glue already)Supplies- Cuff bracelet Glue Assorted strips of fabric Metallic gold cord [Glue the fabric strip to the inside of the cuff] [Wrap the fabric around the cuff and glue down on the inside] [Take your second thinner piece of fabric- I used lace and repeat the steps] [Finally, take the gold cord and around wrap it around the cuff, gluing down both ends] ...more

Bow hat [knitting pattern]

While browsing around online I came across this cute hat. I think the bow on top is a great alternative to a pom pom! I decided to switch up the design a bit by adding the wide ribbing ....more

Friday DIY favorites

[Left- create your own wall hangings with this DIY loom, Right- Clever tutorial or a Balenciaga inspired clutch] [Left- have movie night in your backyard with this DIY screen, Right- Upgrade geode bookends with gold leaf] [Left- use wood print fabric to make a rustic headboard, Right- easy way to turn raw crystals into pendants] ...more

7 ways to upgrade a basic t-shirt

[Shred the sleeves] [Add some fringe (no sew!)] [Pleat it, then dye it] [Sew chains on the sleeves] [Turn it into a twist back (no sew!)] [Add lace inserts] [Swap the sleeves with lace] ...more

leftover yarn infinity scarf [knitting pattern]

Anyone who knits a lot is bound to have a bin overflowing with leftover yarn- mine is getting crazy! I came up with this pattern as a way to use those balls of yarn that are too small for soli colored clothing/accessories. Pattern-Size 8 needles Use yarns that are similar in weightCast on 50 stitches ....more

DIY anthropologie animalia pearl necklace

I love how this Anthropologie necklace takes a classic element (pearls) and mixes it up with something whimsical. I switched up some of white pearls with charcoal and teal and chose a house cat instead of a lion. Supplies- Rubber toy animal White spray paint Pearl beads Necklace closure Bead stringing wire 1 jump ring 1 eye pin Drill with small bit [Spray paint the animal and let dry] [Carefully drill a hole through] [Cut the bead string wire 24 inches long ....more

DIY marbled flower pot

Did you know that nail polish when poured in water creates a beautiful, marbled effect? All you have to do is dip something in and the pattern transfers to the object. This is a really easy and fun DIY! ...more

Friday DIY favorites

[Left- tutorial shows you how to make your own knit pencil skirt, Right- cover a dated fireplace with reclaimed wood] [Left- your cat will love this cute teepee!, Right- turn a plain umbrella into a fruit slice] [Left- use subway tiles to dress up a plain mirror, Right- turn a old shirt into a wrapped crop top] ...more