Saving The Crumbs

I'm a bargain hunter married to a numbers nerd. Together we're a husband and wife team who believe that by living an intentionally frugal life, the door flings open to a truly fulfilled existence.

How to Save Money on Cloth Diapers

Now that little Miss Crumbsaver has joined our family, Al and I are finding that diapers have become a very essential part of our lives. And as Al mentioned in a previous post (What Does A Baby Really Need?), because we weren’t sure if cloth diapers would save us money, we decided to experiment with […] ...more

Will Work for Food!

It’s been several weeks since we last posted—in fact, this was probably the longest dry spell for new posts since we launched this blog over a year ago! The baby certainly has given us some additional distractions that take up our time, but our lack of writing lately actually has more to do with my […] ...more

How to Budget for Maximum Savings

What is the purpose of a budget? My guess is that most people would answer with, “To control our spending.” Or perhaps, “So we don’t spend too much money.” Or if you’re a nerd, “To properly allocate limited resources.” That does make sense, doesn’t it? Many people come to realize that they need to budget […] ...more

How Stocks Make You Money

Wait! Before you write this post off as one of those spammy, click-baiting, “get-rich-quick” articles that show up in annoying pop-up windows, notice that this article isn’t called “How to Make Tons of Money in the Stock Market”. In fact, the burden of this article isn’t even to convince you to buy stocks! ...more

5 Expensive Things We Own

The title of this post may surprise you since you know what penny-pinching cheapskates we can be sometimes. Nevertheless, as we discussed in our post “The Art of Having Your Cake and Eating It Too”, sometimes the most frugal thing to do is to buy quality even if it isn’t the cheapest in price. Along […] ...more

Saving $320 on an iPhone 6 Plus with Swappa

Well, it’s that time of year again—that time when millions of people collectively lose their minds over a new shiny gadget. Yes, it’s Apple’s annual release of the new iPhone. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were recently announced and they will be on sale starting September […] ...more

Reader Case Study: Student Loans, Weddings, and Family. Oh My!

Every so often, we get asked questions that could be instructive to many of our readers. We...more

The Baby is Here!

If you’ve been wondering why things have gotten a bit quiet around here, it’s because about a week and a half ago, our little Miss Crumb Saver entered the world! It’s been quite an adventure so far adjusting to everything, so we haven’t had much time to write any new posts. So you’ll pardon us […] ...more

How We’re Saving for College—and How We’re Not

With the impending arrival of our baby, her future and what to do about college savings has been on my mind a lot lately–and I assume...more

Why Be a Stay at Home Mom? 9 Reasons.

This month marks a momentous milestone in my life – I have retired. No, not to vacation or lounge around, but to full-time mommyhood. Before you think the baby has come, she hasn’t ....more