Quote o' the Month: Andrew Riddles at Chandrasutra

This Quote o' the Month is from the comments thread to an excellent piece of analysis at Chandrasutra regarding the James Frey controversy.

It's also a relatively tangled nest of quotes for my series. Enjoy the complexity!

This comment, left by Andrew Riddles of The Super Nova Scotian, plays on Oprah’s statement that she felt duped by James Frey:

Perhaps Oprah should be less worried about what other people publish and take a look at what comes from her own magazine. I wonder if any women felt duped when they spent $7 on Oprah magazine to find this article, a special report on Men (and how to please them):

"Don't try to talk to him during football season.

If he tries to cook, get out of the kitchen until it's time to clean up.

Don't be argumentative.

Admire him for being tough.

Shut up.

Acquaint yourself with the career of Peyton Manning.

Meet every protest and argument he makes, no matter how ridiculously false, with the observation that he is absolutely correct… in boxing this is called rope-a-dope.

Rent a Steven Seagal movie.

Accept that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is one of his favorite things.

- If you want him to fix the shower drip, whatever you do don't nag; instead, remove the shower head, bring it to him and say “uh-oh, stupid me, I tried to fix it myself but now the drip is worse!” Then offer to bring him his power drill.

- If you want to comfort your man, don't try to soothe him with a home-baked pie; for the lovagod, tell him how powerful he is."

This is from Oprah June, 2005. I would feel pretty duped.

Comment left by Andrew Riddles to “James Frey and the pornography of confession” by Melanie McBride at Chandrasutra.

Note: Andrew credits I Blame the Patriarchy for his direct quote of the list of articles from Oprah magazine (which I have placed in quotes).

The post he refers to is “Chucking Oprah”, and was published in July 2005. Recommended reading.

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