She Lives Free

I have been abundantly blessed! I am married to my handsome high school best friend. Together we have two darling daughters, and a golden retriever, Daisy. Some of my favorite ways I am grateful to spend time in this grand adventure called life: I love to craft, create, observe nature, and watch plants grow and change throughout the seasons. I adore Spring and Summer and would follow them all over the world if I could. My favorite colors are pink, yellow & orange ~ like sunrises & sunsets. I am a lover of Jesus, life & laughter, soul-stirring music & movies, long walks, long talks, photography, gardening, tennis, zumba, rollerblading, latin & swing dancing, and the peaceful bliss found in a big steaming cup of coffee alongside a good book in the mornings!
I write at She Lives Free because I want to make this life count and I want to encourage others to do the same!



The Real Reason Your Child Needs a Simple Summer

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably reminded almost daily that it really is the little things in life…. especially in the summertime! Sure, it’s easy for any of us to get caught up thinking we’re “doing it wrong” when we see the Joneses holding a perfectly polished bake sale or lemonade stand to raise […] The post The Real Reason Your Child Needs a Simple Summer appeared first on She Lives Free ....more

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