Why Blog With No Comments? Knitters Tangle On the Conversation

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It was an innocent question slipped into a discussion of brown:

I was looking at some blogs yesterday (for work, really) and I noticed most of them never have any comments. It was weird--why blog if you don't have people pop in and say hello?

The reactions Steph got were broad and interesting:
Kat's reaction?

Ugh. How offputting.
We have our reasons.

Notice, she doesn't share those reasons.  Bethe, too, agreed without explanation.

Corvus wrote a great response:

My blog is relatively new (less than two months), and while I've been slowly gathering an audience, it'll take a while. It takes a lot of brainstorming to find ways to get the word out into such a large forum. We'll see.

.. .A blog can be an outlet even if it never gets read. It can
be a way to motivate oneself, or just a healthy habit. People have kept
journals all through history for thousands of reasons and with
thousands of mediums- the internet-with-commenting aspect is just a
recent feature, and by no means required for motivation.

Steph wrote an explanation in her next post which began with this:

As a Sociologist who studies media and communication, blogging has become an increasing interest for me (you know something I'll research "when I have time").

Go read the rest.

Among others choosing to continue the discussion were
Miss T:

To my mind, of course comments are important.  The whole point of blogging is community--if you're writing only for yourself, it's easier and more sensible to write a journal.

Cara at January One stepped in:

I jumped in with my opinion. It's slightly incoherent - but I'm SICK so give me a break...when I first started blogging - I got a handful of comments here and there. For the first year or two in fact. Blogging in a community (as opposed to blogging for yourself - which I also think is VERY legitimate if that's what you want) takes work. It's a RELATIONSHIP. Community is a RELATIONSHIP.

There's more.. and it's SOOO worth reading!  Then in keeping with the civility and caring that is the knitblog community, Cara leaves for a weekend of healing with these words:

Thank you for the tremendous insight you left here, and over there, and thank you for being respectful. I promise you: I read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT left here. I even read the fucking spam comments. I may not be able to reply to every one, but I READ THEM. And I appreciate every one of you - whether you leave a comment or not.

Knitbloggers... gotta love 'em.

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