Fitness Fashionista

I am a single mom and veteran who just so happens to be a blogger/vlogger.  I am loving life and finding my place here in the civilian world.  There are ups and downs but everyday is a moment to learn something new.    Since leaving the Coast Guard I have had ups and downs concerning my weight but everyday brings me one step closer to reaching my goals and that that is what my blog Fitness Fashionista and youtube channel are all about.  I hope that my journey can help motivate and inspire all the women out there that are struggling as well. 

1 Week at a Time Fitness Challenge Week 6

Let me first start by saying I am sorry for the delay....more

Life Happens Printable Planner

You can currently BUNDLE any of the planners above with the SMART Weight Loss Planner. ...more

How to Maintain a Fitness Routine During Summer Travel

Its that time of year when everyone is heading out on vacations or staycations but don’t let that hinder all the hard work you put in during winter and spring. By making a few adjustments you can easily maintain a fitness routine during summer travel. In my last post Weight Loss, No One Said it […]...more

Mid Year Income Report

It has been awhile since i have done an income report....more

Why You Should Stop Weighting Yourself Weekly

When you first start getting more active and serious about your health the first thing you may want to do is run to the scale to see just how much weight you have lost. In the beginning the numbers on the scale may go down fairly quickly if you weren’t very active in the beginning. […]...more

Weight Loss, No One Said it Was Easy

This past week tested my strength and resilience to stick to my diet no matter what. ...more

1 Week at a Time Fitness Challenge Week 5

Its week 5 you all should be feeling really good. Did you have some wins last week? ...more

Reach and Cross

Primary muscle group:...more

Chair Side Lunge

Primary muscle group: Quadriceps Secondary: Abs, Glutes & Hip Flexors,Hamstrings Equipment: Chair See How its Done: Sets: 3 Reps: 8-12 (each side) Make it more challenging by holding two dumbells...more

Summer Fun at LibertyFest

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Sweet’N Low. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” Its sometimes feels like I am always inside the house looking at a computer screen. ...more