The Brez Blog

I'm an Air Force wife and boy mom, moonlighting as a lawyer. I document the day-to-day wonders and achievements of a clueless first-time mom. 

Going Private

Despite my best attempts at editing prior content and changing profile settings, this blog still appears as a top result when you Google my name. Since lawyering is a networking profession and we are basicaly all creepers, I expect at least someone I meet professionally to stumble upon this blog, in which case, I will be slightly horrified that they have access to such a wealth of information about my boobs and childbirth experiences....more

Changing of Seasons

Remember that blog post a while back where I sort of slowly came to terms with with the fact that, for a season, I was going to be a stay-at-home mom?...more

Week in Review

Ah, where did we leave off? Oh, yes. I rendered myself unconscious there for a second ....more

Point Break

No, not this Point Break But rather,...more

9 Months

Will turned 9 months old yesterday. He's officially been on the outside longer than he was on the inside. He is basically an adult now ....more

Bullpin Apparel GIVEAWAY

This baby's got the no-look fashion blogger pose in the bag, am I right? Takes after his father. So, my sister-in-law, Rachel, very recently opened an Etsy shop called...more

Halloween '14

The guilt trip of not bringing baby Will to a pumpkin patch had been building. Combine it with the fact that I'd put zero effort into a costume situation, my conscience was really nagging me....more

Cloth Diaper Laundering

This is a post about laundry. Poopy laundry to be exact. Now that I have your undivided attention ....more

Monday Mornings & Meal Plans

Good morning! Will is still working on those upper teeth, so we were up bright and early at 1:30, 5:30, and 6:15. I've been able to see the whites of his two big teeth for about a week, and I think I see part of his gum bubbling (is that a thing?), but they still haven't broke through ....more

All Very Interesting Things (7QT)

So I took some pics of baby Will yesterday and since this is my mom blog I get to share them with you and discuss the very interesting things that come to mind with each photo. (Seven photos to be exact, therefore linking up with Jen.)...more