Geek Fitness

I'm awesome. I also used to be really fat.  Over the past few years, I've lost 150 pounds and become a certified personal trainer. So I know firsthand how hard it is to get off the couch and into the gym. I know that when given the choice, any one of us would pick exploring those new ruins we just found in Skyrim over running a 5k. Luckily, those kinds of things aren’t mutually exclusive. You can do both, and I'm here to help you figure out how to fit fitness and geekery into your life.

I'm a geek, and I want to keep geeking out for the long haul. I'm sure you do, too. To do that, we need to live a healthy, active life so that we can be around for as many ComicCons, expansion packs, and unnecessary reboots of our favorite franchises as possible. Really, I'm here to help you be the best geek you can possibly be, fit and healthy in both body and mind.

Running Bucket List: Greece!

Recently, one of my colleagues came into my office and talked to me about his recent experience of doing his first 5K with his son. He loved doing it, and I loved hearing about it. As we talked about running and racing, he told me that years ago, he had taken a trip to Greece and that one of the places they visited was the original Olympic stadium–which still includes the original running track....more

On Video Game Nostalgia

One of the things I hate more than anything in the world are hypermasculine,...more

Introducing the #FitGeekFriday Link-Up!

Do you love video games, pop culture, comic books, and everything in between? Do you also love running, picking heavy things up, putting heavy things back down, yoga, weight loss, or any other aspect of healthy living? And do you blog about any and/or all of that stuff? ...more

My 3 Current Favorite Geeky Running Songs

Despite my love of audiobooks and podcasts, my running time is still dominated by music more than anything else. And because I’m the geeky-type person I am, the more a song makes me feel like my favorite superhero or sci-fi badass, the more I want to listen to it. Probably on repeat ....more

The Hardest Part About Weight Loss

When you’re just starting out with any kind of weight loss goal, it pretty much looks like you’re the next star of a...more

Ready Player One: Running Gear

Ready Player One is a series of posts designed to introduce newbies to various aspects of the fitness lifestyle, from running to weight lifting to eating a healthy diet and everything in between. So drop in your quarter and get ready to level up. Ready Player One ....more

Don’t Be a Jerk to Newbies at the Gym

There are a lot of reasons that I love running and fitness. I love the way it makes me feel. I love the way it makes me look ....more

Why Your New Year’s Resolutions are Bullshit

Every year, we all make resolutions. We all make bold, loud, and likely obnoxious claims about all the ways we are going to change our lives for the better. For the month of January, we do okay ....more

FitDesk 2.0 Exercise Bike Review

In the Neal Stephenson novel...more

Losing 155 Pounds Didn’t Solve All My Problems, But It Sure Helped

For a lot of overweight people (like I was most of my life), losing weight seems like a panacea. If only we lost weight, all our problems would magically disappear. Our bills would be paid, we’d find our true loves, and we’d land our dream jobs ....more