From My Lemony Kitchen...

Hiya, I am Lisa from the land DownUnder.
I love to cook, to photograph what I cook and eat. I am currently comfortable shooting food and trying to broaden my horizon with landscape and portrait, but my passion still lies with food

Karipap Daging/ Beef Curry Puff

It was the third day of Ramadan (last Saturday), and I had major craving for everything fried... which is not the usual anymore since I pledged to eat healthily 10 years ago. ... no excuses this time.. ....more

Chicken Giblets Curry

This is will be a short post......more

Happy 18th Birthday....and Piñata Chocolate Cake

Happy 18th my sweetie pie, Today you celebrated your 18th... It feels like not too long ago, we celebrated your 1st birthday! Those years flew like a speeding bullet filled with lots of love and bittersweet memories, a mixture of joy, happiness, frustration and exasperation ....more

Photography #12

oops... been a while since I posted about photography :O Sunny winter day in the city.... Camera : iPhone 4S to view colour photo.....more

Baked Five Spice Chicken Wings

Being Asian, brought up with Asian cultures... when friends invited you for dinner at their house, you just can't turn up empty handed, can you? Even though you had been told "I've got all covered, you just come over :D ".. ....more

Memsahib's Rotisserie Leg of Lamb

You'd be shaking your head in disbelieve... if I tell you that we have just started using our rotisserie kit on the barbecue after 3 years.... 3 years, it was kept in the garage.. ....more

Sweet Potato shoots Stir-fry

Have you tried this simple stir-fry? This stir-fry may be new to some readers... but to Malaysians, its quite norm to be foraging for edible leafy that we could grow in our backyard ....more

New York Brownie-based Cheesecake

Dedicated to all Moms... :D question... "how can you tell if this mom or that mom is a successful mom or otherwise?" How do one define success in this matter? ...more

Chicken and Kimchee Stir fry

Hi, I hope that you aren't tired of reading, looking (hopefully drooling...hehehe ;P ) at my another Korean dish. Chinese cabbage is easy available at the moment, and at a cheaper price whilst other vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower are much dearer... 'sigh' Bought one, and its really huge for 99 cents ....more