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I am a mother of four little kids, blogging about where home money budgeting and investing with style.

Where Does Your Money Go?

I read The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist over the weekend. ...more

The Grocery Budget + Reusable Bags

I am in complete awe of people who spend less than $1,000/month to feed their families. ...more

Stop Getting Fleeced

[protect your money from the fat cats. ...more

What Is: Inflation

Why is inflation so important? ...more


I don’t know if you saw in the comments here, but there have been a few bids to switch #moneymonday to #financefriday. ...more

Moral Investing

There is a debate on the investor side (which I touched on here), of whether you are leaving money on the table if you choose to only invest in companies that are aligned with your morals and priorities. I made the point, which I still stand behind, that if you are investing in individual stocks you are taking a gamble. ...more

Money Proverbs

I love proverbs – from other cultures and from my own. ...more

Allowance: Yea/Nay

[surly teenagers: should we pay them allowance? ...more

Sell High

[speaking of knowing when to quit…Kate Spade Saturday is closing + big...more

Personal Care Budget: Grooming

I am gratefully spending this weekend on a warm sandy beach. If there are children at said beach they will not be mine, and I will ignore them. But slipping into a bikini in mid-February, well… This was a spot-on commentary on the...more