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I found the blog Tales of Slow, brave Athena a while back when I was looking for running blogs. I've had her on my bloglines (or Google Reader now) for a while, but lately I've been intrigued. Athena decided to go vegan and get into shape and she has been documenting it with posts labeled by day.

She is making fantastic progress.

Day 2

I could have made this easier on myself, I realize. Not only am I changing the way I eat, but I'm also changing where I eat... We eat out all the time.

So I'm going from that extreme, to an extreme where it would be very very difficult for me to eat out, well, ever beyond going to a salad bar place.

I'm doing okay. Gritty lettuce, however, is getting me down.

Day 11

I'm wearing a pair of jeans that are two sizes smaller than usual today to work...I see this as a very good sign.

Day 37

There have been other changes, other than weight loss and an extreme change in the way I eat. I notice that my skin is changing color! I was really pale, like grey-blue pale, but now my face looks almost rosey. I notice that I don't seem to be bruising as easily as I did; I used to bruise if you'd look at me. I haven't gotten a bruise in weeks.

My face continues to change. Definition is coming out: cheekbones, temples, and suddenly, my chin is no longer part of a larger double chin. Not that the double chin is gone, it's not, but the chin is a free standing entity.

I find myself getting so excited for her. I know it is strange to feel proud of somebody you don't even know, but she is doing a great job.

Contributing Editor Sarah also blogs at Sarah and the Goon Squad and Strollerderby.


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