Sierra and Locke: Calming the waters

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Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke are appearing together today in an interview on CNN. They issued a Joint Statement in anticipation. They will be on the CNN American Morning show, but you may be able to catch the interview during other parts of the day.

Locke was one of several names mentioned by Sierra in her original blog post about the threats made against her. As we've seen, people whose names were in that original post have been the objects of the firestorm in the blogosphere, as has Sierra herself.

Sierra said,

The firestorm around my post is both heartening and terrible. Chris told me himself that he believes I was right to speak out on this. However, my post led many people to the wrong conclusion about the specific levels of involvement by the people I named.

Locke said that he and Sierra talked on the phone for two hours about the incident, and ended up sharing some laughs,

It's true we laughed, but not at the core issues. No one was laughing about the offensive words and images that were posted to the blogs I was involved with. The material Kathy quoted on her site was hurtful and ugly. I do not excuse it or think it should be excused.

Both mentioned that the discussion about conduct, speech, and legality for bloggers is valuable but that they don't want to see legal limits placed on free speech as a result of this event.

My hope is now that they are talking together about the issue of online threats against women, the rhetoric surrounding the discussion will settle down. People can stop taking sides and move to a more rational examination of the issue and what actions should come out of it.


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