Recap of Fox's "24" - Day 6, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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If you missed this episode you can view it at My Space.

Sigh. A pretty boring hour with way too much time spent on silly secondary story lines. But what action there was, was pretty exciting, pretty classic and involved Jack so not all was lost.

Spoiler alert! Read on if you want to learn what happened in this episode of 24.

This is a semi-live blog of the show. I wrote it while watching the show on My Space but pausing it along the way to get wordy. ;-)

Tom Lennox, a none too happy looking VP Daniels and the cabinet await the Lazarus-like return of President Wayne Palmer. SPL, after authorizing waking Wayne up from his coma so he could resume his duties as President, now wants him to stay quietly in his wheelchair and take care of himself. Karen Hayes helpfully points out that Roosevelt governed just fine from a wheelchair. Wayne wants to appear large and in charge when he faces Daniels so he tells the Doctor to give him a shot of adrenaline.

Jack gives the Bill briefing with the news of Gredenko's amnesty and no-Russia demands. Bill updates Jack on the power struggle and Jack notes that it could render the Gredenko agreement void which is good because Jack has no intention of honoring it.

VP pretends to welcome Wayne back even though it is to a Daniels-instigated hearing as to whether or not to remove him from office under the 25th amendment. Ah yes, the wonderful world of American peaceful transfer of power - it's so civilized. There should be thought bubbles - Wayne: "Daniels, you ignorant slut! If I wern't barely standing, all hopped up on adrenaline, why I'd..."

Daniels argues that since Wayne's first action upon waking was to stop his order to bomb non-involved "country" and start WW III, clearly Wayne is incompetent to serve as President. Clearly.

Nadia shoos Milo away, not wanting to talk about what Milo calls their unforgettable kiss. Doyle calls Nadia into his office for a clandestine meeting. Nadia is willing to accept that Doyle is not a racist, rather a sadist (what with the choking her and all). Doyle tells Nadia that the evidence of the screw up that allowed the terrorists to hack into CTU's computers points to Milo. Doyle wants Nadia's help finding proof so that Milo can be arrested and fired quietly rather than in a big spectacle of CTU forensics tearing his computer, and then Milo, apart. Doyle promises Nadia that Milo will be indeed better off if she helps betray him for his own good.

Back in the bunker, Wayne points out to Karen and SPL that it's wiser to keep his enemy (Daniels) close than to kick him out of the bunker. Despite a tie vote, the Attorney General rules that Wayne is in! Daniels counters - Karen's vote doesn't count, he doesn't recognize her since she resigned! AG says... go to the Supreme Court since they were in session. Clearly nothing stops for nuclear bombs in America in the future.

Daniels corners Tom and whispers that Tom does not appear to be taking the right side. Tom quietly points out that he's only on the side of the United States of America and the VP is very much mistaken if he thought otherwise. Ooh, patriotic snap!

Nadia distracts Milo away from his computer and quickly confirms that Milo's screwup led to the breach. Doyle, surprisingly, comes to Milo's rescue and alters the logs so District will be none the wiser. All Doyle wants to do is find the nukes and it will be easier with Milo's help than with Milo fired and arrested. Nadia asks Doyle why and he whips out his impressive mastery of world religions by listing the holy books he's read (in his search for faith) and by quoting the Koran. Doyle - so sensitive, so deep - why you been hiding this?

Karen calls her hunny bunny, Bill, and frets that if Daniels succeeds in starting WW III it will all be her fault for resigning. Bill sweetly reassures her because it's "his job." What up with all the sensitive manly men running around CTU? Hot stuff.

Gredenko accepts the immunity agreements. Gredenko, sitting in a room surrounded by CTU agents, calls Fayed to meet and assures Fayed that he is not under surveillance. The make plans to meet at the Santa Monica Pier.

SPL writes the brief for the Supreme Court, which since they had 15 minutes to whip up, means that among other things, SPL must be a constitutional scholar. Impressive!

Daniels' assistant writes his and points out that SPL's argument is correct - Daniels' sudden non-acceptance of Karen is bogus. Assistant Lisa offers to lie to the Supreme Court and say that Daniels ordered her to kick Karen to the curb. Daniels initially protests Lisa's offer of perjury and treason but then after a bit of hand fondling, says "do it!" for the country and so I can go forth and bomb "country!"

Fayed has a bit of a power struggle of his own. He tells a lackey that he's off to meet up with Gredenko and will be back within the hour. Lackey asks what if Fayed doesn't come back. Ah the convenient meta dialogue foreshadowing. When lackey points out that they could just launch the bombs and kill people, Fayed counters that they need Gredenko's info on the nuclear plant so they can kill half of California at once. Way to commit to a goal!

Tom visits Daniels and points out that he bugged the VP's room after the VP ordered Tom to lie to "country's" ambassador and Tom decided it was time to CYA. Excellent! And, convenient. Tom plays the recording of Lisa's perjury offer and Daniels' acceptance. Tom orders the VP to call off his challenge and he does. SPL shares the news with a wincing, obviously in pain, Wayne. Wayne calls for the doctor.

Jack has the CTU team inject Gredenko with a GPS tracker before sending him off to meet with Fayed. Gredenko immediately shows and removes his wire and then tries to sell Fayed on a plan to save them both. Jack heads in to the room with the GPS signal and finds Gredenko's arm chopped off! More recycled plot - shades of Chase!

Even though Jack has said he would rely on Rick's team because Doyle's team was too far out, Doyle's team is still on the way and Jack orders them to set up a perimeter as soon as they arrive. Well, I guess, after the triumph at Brady's house last hour this perimeter doesn't mean certain death for Doyle and his team.

Fayed and Gredenko enter a bar at the pier. And once again I have to ask, WTF? I mean really, after two nuclear bombs being detonated in the state of California, one not all that far from Santa Monica, would you go hang out at a bar to watch CNN? Time to chant my mantra "24 world, suspend disbelief..."

And that mantra comes in handy when, Gredenko who has had his arm chopped off in order to escape CTU and help Fayed despite having been promised immunity, then points out to everyone at the bar that Fayed is the terrorist being talked about on the CNN! Fayed starts shooting bar denizens and then runs out of bullets so the barflies jump on Fayed and start beating him up. Jack busts in shouting that he's a federal agent; he's taking Fayed into custody so they need to stop kicking the crap out of Fayed. One bar patron protests that he shouldn't have to stop kicking Fayed because Fayed shot his friend. Ah, the logic and wisdom of those who would choose to watch the nuclear annihilation of their state from the cozy confines of a bar.

In the melee Gredenko escapes.

Back in the bunker, Wayne demands another shot of adrenaline so he can keep working. Bill calls Wayne to update him about Fayed being captured but that they haven't found the bombs. Wayne authoritatively puts his sports coat back on and prepares for something.

Gredenko, staggers down the beach and collapses because, you know, the massive blood loss from chopping off his arm.

Karen visits Tom and offers an olive branch in hopes of making a truce. Tom shakes on it. Karen realizes that Tom knows the real reason why Daniels withdrew. They are interrupted when Tom gets a call telling him that Wayne has launched the very strike he risked his life to stop Daniels from launching. Wayne insists that he woke up to reassert his authority. I would point out to Wayne, however, that he did not wake himself up, rather Karen and SPL did so he would stop the strike. But, again, 24 world logic.... Wayne insists that it is very important that he not look weak, 'cause everyone, including Tom, was thinking it. And the admiral confirms that the strike launch is successful.

So that's our cliffhanger for the hour. Hopefully the writers have written some real life logic into 24 world so all this makes some sense next week. And perhaps we can have some more Jack and less White House bunker shenanigans and Chloe-Morris-Milo-Nadia-Doyle love pentagon.