Ladies: It is Still Possible to Have a Career in the NFL

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While I realize that most of the women reading this post never had dreams of playing football in the NFL, maybe a few of you actually did. I personally never wanted to play football, but I always thought it would be really cool to work for the NFL.

Vicki Vannieuwenhoven has been working for the Green Bay Packers since 1995 and she had been their director of finance since 1999.

Tuesday, she was promoted to Vice-President of Finance, making Vicki the first female VP in the Packers organization since the franchise was founded 89 years ago.

Hooray for Vicki!

Sadly, when I tried to do a google search for other women and NFL and careers I got lots of information on how to buy NFL apparel in women's cuts. (grrrr) I even searched for "NFL women owners" knowing full well that Georgia Frontiere was the owner of the St. Louis Rams and I got nothing.

So while I'm pretty sure Vicki and Georgia aren't the only ladies working for the NFL in a non-cheerleading position, it's tough to find them. In fact I think I remember seeing something a few years back on "Inside the NFL" (Yes, I TiVo "Inside the NFL") about a woman who works in the 49ers organization, but I can't find her name either.

I guess what I am trying to say is that while some women are moving up in the NFL, they are still few and far between. Let's be proud of Vicki Vannieuwenhoven. She has broken through one of those barriers and she has opened doors for the rest of us.

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