Health and Science News of the week (4/6/07)

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Reproductive Health

Christine at blogged this week about the deplorable conditions in hospitals in Afghanistan - no infection control, women using the same plastic sheets one after another to have their babies on, etc.

Eritrea has banned female circumcision (also known as female genital mutilation), but will this really stop the barbaric practice? I doubt it, but its a good first step. Worldwide, around 3 millions young girls are mutilated each year.

Scary stuff - AtYourCervix has a post about what its like to give birth in the US: Born in the USA: Part II.

Health Care Quality and Related Issues

Kevin, M.D. has an interesting post about Defensive medicine. He defines Defensive medicine as "Defensive medicine is the deviation from sound medical practice to avoid the threat of malpractice litigation". Important stuff for everyone to read!


According to the CDC, most Americans are still not eating right or exercising regularly. Only about 1 person in 7 really does what they should.

Cynthia Sass writes about moderation in diets in "Delicious Shades of Gray". She discusses what moderation is and is not and asks "What does moderation mean to you? How do you create balance in your life and in your diet?".

Other News

The protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii completes its life cycle by leaving the rodent it has previously infected and infecting a cat when a cat eats the rodent. The parasite does this by affecting the amygdala of the rodent's brain and making it less afraid of cats. Thus, not being afraid the rodent doesn't run away and ends up becoming dinner for the cat.

Doctor Anonymous wrote this week about "Normal sadness response verses real depression".

A mutation in a single gene - insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) - has been found to be responsible for the size differences in dogs.

More evidence this week that calorie restriction with optimal nutrition can increase health and longevity.

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