Beth Kanter wins MVP award from Non-Profit Tech Community

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You have to watch this animated fan mail from the girl geeks of the WorldCafe to appreciate Beth Kanter's superstardom in the non-profit tech world.

On Friday, Kanter, one of BlogHer's contributing editors, won NTEN's MVP award.

Christine Herron reports:

"Beth Kanter was recognized today as the most valuable member of the nonprofit technology community..."

Could the award go to a more deserving person? Those of you who read Beth's blogs on Social Change, Nonprofits and NGOs at BlogHer know how far and wide she travels online.

But did you also know about her work for Cambodian orphanages? Did you know about her work as a musician, an artist and her work to evangelize technology and blogging in those fields? Actually, let's say "in all fields," since Beth works so comprehensively to bring her huge network up to speed on her work?

Blogger Vicki A. Davis at Cool Cat Teacher does:

"The great thing about Beth is that although she does great blogging, she does a lot of connecting and behind the scenes work that makes things just go better.

"Here is a case in point, two weeks ago I was literally on the wow 2 show over at edtechtalk and beth e-mailed me to let me know about Andy Carvin naming March 30 Stop Cyber Bullying day. Yes, I read blogs, but sometimes these e-mail prods get me going. (She sends them to me at the right time -- never sending FWD's!!! but REAL e-mails just to ME! I want to be like that -- networking for good!)"

I can attest to that, too. But perhaps
Beth's own description
of receiving this award is the best representation of her gifts:

Thank you NTEN for the Fantasticness Award!

"...Friday at lunch, NTEN gave out some awards. Apparently, I was awarded the award for "Fantasticness" and when my name was announced they waited and waited. A few folks called out -- "She's video blogging!" So they videotaped the ballroom standing ovation. I had not idea was I wandered back into the hotel. People came up to me -- I was shocked...."

In her blog post, Kanter places a photo not of herself accepting the award -- but a reenactment of NTEN executive director Katrin Verclas delivering it.

Classic. You're amazing Beth. Congrats.

Photo credit: Bryper

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