BlogHer Business '07: How Do I Measure? Track Audio is available

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The first BlogHer Business '07 track is available for downloading, thanks to intrepid audio volunteer, Jennifer Simpson.

You'll find the files on the BlogHer public site:

Link to the BlogHer Business Folder

Link to individual tracks:

How to build your audience, featuring Elise Bauer and Vanessa Fox

How to measure social media ROI, featuring Daniela Barbosa, Katie Paine and Lena West

An RFP for the measurement industry, featuring Jory des Jardins, Amy Gahran, Elizabeth Lee and Jenna Woodul

You may play or download the above audio files, which are in mp3 format.

Unlike the general session podcasts which were post-produced and then distributed via iTunes, Podcast Alley and other podcast directories, these links are the only place you'll find track audio. This is raw audio of the sessions. Each is about 75 minutes long.