What does it take to buy an automatic weapon in Virgina? A pulse.

Virginia Tech logo with date 4-16-07Initial reactions to the Virginia Tech shootings from feminist bloggers.

The Primary Contradiction offers her condolences.

Mad Melancholic Feminista sees the media's rush to blame as creating an atmosphere where increased militarism can be justified:

"I am dismayed by the tone of the press, who launched into an attack of VT's President for not locking down the campus after the first shooting incident in the morning. The idea of lockdown and the idea that in the future we might have to post guards on our college campuses is frightening. This is a tragedy. This was an event that no one could've forseen (unless I am persuaded by evidence to the contray), and to respond to this event with greater militarism on college campuses horrifies me (perhaps more than the event itself)."

Amyloo thinks the reporters were hostile at the news conference:

"Horrible tragedy at Virginia Tech today. Reporters at the news conference are really hostile to the administration. No doubt mistakes were made, but no organization is ever really prepared for something like that. … the reporters are almost acting like the university administrators did the shooting. I always feel kind of sorry for anybody suddenly caught in a national spotlight that they're not used to."

Woman of Color Blog has many links to news sources, as well as two VTech students' livejournals.

Echidne of the Snakes says it's too soon for analysis:

"It is far too early for analysis, both in the emotional sense and in terms of facts. But the deranged murderer would not have killed so many without guns."

Image: Flickr; post title from comment left on The Lede, New York Times

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