Supreme Court Declares Women Less Intelligent Than Legislators

Bitch Phd responds to yesterday's Supreme Court decision on "partial birth abortion". Her post opens, "Ladies, we're offically second-class citizens." She raises a point that has been bothering me: why is the term "partial birth abortion" being used as if it's credible when clearly it's a loaded term? Bitch Phd points out that "'partial birth abortion' is not a medically recognized term."

Read her whole post, which lists the resources she consulted at the bottom, but I'll leave you with this snippet from her piece:

"Because there are other surgical options for late-term abortions, it is highly unlikely that banning IDX will prevent a single abortion. It may, however, prevent some women from having the safest procedure for their particular circumstances."

Carnival of Feminists

The Carnival of Feminists, Issue 36, is up at Fetch Me My Axe. It's a three-parter: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Feminist podcast

I'm always fascinated by the myriad of ways in which bloggers use technology to express themselves. I found a podcast by Incurable Hippie in which she talks about hair removal and an episode of Woman's Hour. Hearing a blogger's voice really brings home the person behind the text, and it creates the illusion that you're getting to know them. Of course that's one-way. Anyhow have a listen to Incurable Hippie's "gabcast", there's a very funny line about 2 minutes into it.

Imus and The Sopranos have something in common

Reclusive Leftist reads two news items and a "giant phosphorescent mushroom cloud of inspiration" hits her. This leads to a meditation on what fuels pop culture.

Why feminism?

Ideologies that share similar goals to feminism include humanism and equalism. Andrea Rubenstein explains why these are unsatisfactory categories for her in "Why 'feminism'?" at the Official blog.

Hat-tip: Well I'll Go To The Foot Of My Stairs…

Melinda Casino's personal blog is Sour Duck.


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