The Gender Genie and the Pay Gap: Feminist blogs

The Bipolar View writes an open letter to Eli Lilly:

"Your product, Cymbalta, sucks ass and should not be promoted for human consumption. You know which product I'm referring to, don't you? The same drug that you're pushing off-label as an effective remedy for pain? You really shouldn't be doing that when you have no credible evidence to support your argument."

Elaine Vigneault combines Joost, gender, and more in a single post. She refers to The Gender Genie, which claims to be able to predict the gender of the author. Simply copy and paste text from your blog to see the verdict.

For some reason I can't get too excited by this program, probably because I don't feel challenged by it or that I'm stretching myself. I'm more intrigued by regender because it seems like it wants to shake things up.

Thoughts of an Average Woman blogs about a new study in "Pay-Gap Widens Over Time":

"I've discussed the pay-gap between men and women (for the same work, same education) in the past, and basically, women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. But, this new study shows an even worse situation."

Visit Thoughts of an Average Woman to read more.

Melinda Casino's personal blog is Sour Duck.

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