Take the Web Design Survey (and more on DRM: Do you care?)

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A couple ideas related to my recent posts are on my mind today. The first is Is the Internet a Woman's World, an article that relates to the ever brewing question of the number of women online and in the tech field.

Here's a chance to contribute to a count of people in the web design field. You can make sure women get into the mix. go take the surveyA List Apart is running a web design survey. If you work as a designer, programmer, graphic artist, writer, or other capacity in a web design related job, get counted. The results are only as good as the number of participants.

The second topic is the post DRM free song downloads: do you care? I heard from a musician named Christine Kane who said she was interested in the topic but considered linking to her own post on the matter to be too much like spam when included in a comment. I read her post (on the whole music download issue, not just the DRM aspect of it) and found it comprehensive, intelligent, and worth a read. Check out Christine Kane.