News Roundup-Monday

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The 38-year-old French woman who underwent the world's first partial face transplant says today she hopes to resume a normal life quickly, and is greatful to have a face like everyone else. ZuZu at Feministe says she didn't know the woman was disfigured after being mauled by her own dog. "The dog I had prior to Junebug bit me in the face, and meant it. I had to have her put down after that, because she kept baring her teeth at me. But that was triggered by me getting too close to her chew toy."

The New York Times reports schools across the country are trying to improve attendance with incentives for students. "Schools have begun to offer cars, iPods - even a month's rent. Some of the prizes are paid for by local businesses or donors; others come out of school budgets."

JJ at Culture Kitchen says students and teachers don't want to be there. "So what's not working in schools (everywhere) is the bribery, coercion and behavior modification? No surprise then, that the expert solution is better compulsion and manipulation, invest our national treasure in more carrots and sticks! -- the teachers and kids of America are a pesky breed of surly mules to be driven to market any way we can get them there. Otherwise, institutions can't make money on them!"

Hearings are underway today in Washington over President Bush's order authorizing the National Security Agency to wiretap international phone calls coming from individuals suspected of being terrorists or of having ties to them. Pam Spaulding at Pandagon has updates throughout the day, as does Firedoglake who says "Fear" seems to be the theme, so far "AG Gonzales begins his opening statement with the fear card -- and is given 20 minutes to give his opener. It's all fear, alla time thus far."

Girl in the Locker Room sums up Sunday's Super Bowl, from the game to the ads: "The molten "model" woman followed by "model" car in the Escalade ad and the naked girl silhouette selling the Honda truck. Did you know that more than half of all new cars sold in the U.S. annually are purchased by women? Did you know that according to a Gallup poll 54% of U.S. women planned to watch the Super Bowl? Can someone tell GM and Honda?"