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Personal Finance (and Frugal Living), Small Business and Real Estate are the beats I'm covering as one of the Business & Career Contributing Editors. One of the things I'm learning as I seek out women blogging about these topics is that, although I am finding some blogs with one of these topics as a specific focus, often there are great posts on these topics by bloggers who might think of themselves as having a very different primary focus. BlogHer Contributing Editor Debra Roby, who covers Hobbies, wonders where personal finance should go in the BlogHer categories - perhaps because it touches so many .

One of the great things for me about this space is that even though it's still in Beta - people are discovering it and loving it and checking out the BlogHers and Hims that we spotlight and they're noticing the traffic you are sending their way. So help me send some curious readers your way - if you have or know of a blogger that posts on these subjects even if it's an occasional topic, please let me know. If you are a mommy blogger who has some great tips on managing the family finances - let me know. If you discover a hobby blogger who is turning her hobby into a small business - let me know. If you know of a personal blogger who is chronicling her decision making process about renting vs. buying - let me know. (I sound like Tim Kaine!)

And, allow me to introduce you to a multi-topic blog that covers personal finance and so much more. At CFO: Chief Family Officer Cathy covers personal finance, her love of cooking and she shares recipes, crafting, raising her child, product reviews and more. As she states "I created this blog to be a resource for moms and other women." So which of the categories above should this blog go in? Perhaps all of them. While you ponder the answer (What do you think?) check out today's terrific financial tip in which Cathy shares her thoughts on how to decide when and where to spend.


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