Blogging Tips: The Importance of Title and URL

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I've been meandering through the blogrolls at BlogHer and checking the blogs of visitors who leave comments on my personal blogs. I see a trend of mismatched blog titles and blog URLs. I think this is a newbie bloggers mistake. It's easy to fix the title, but URLs can't be improved once they're chosen.

Since I don't want to name names, I'll make up a fictious example to explain what I mean. Then I'll tell you why it's important to have a good title and how to fix it if you don't.

Most often the person creating the blog mistakenly uses their username as the blog title or URL. Suppose, for example, that my username was hunnybun62 and I started a blog with recipes for baked breakfast goods. I might want the title of the blog to be "Baking for Breakfast." In Wordpress, you see something like this:
wordpress interface

What you need in the domain name is bakingforbreakfast, not hunnybun62. And what you need as the Blog Title is Baking for Breakfast, not hunnybun62.

The reason is that the URL and the title tell people where they are going and what they can expect to find there. The title is saved when someone stores your site as a favorite or bookmark. When that person looks through their bookmarks your title tells helps them find you quickly. Perhaps more importantly, the title is the chief bit of information the search engines look for when determining whether your site fits a searcher's terms. Someone searching for coffee cake recipes, for example, may not realize that a site like tells them anything about coffee cake recipes., on the other hand, suggests coffee cake might be a possible topic. The title, Baking for Breakfast, gives the search engine vital keywords to use when determining what your blog is about.

Luckily, if you mistitled your blog, you can change it. Changing the URL is impossible after the fact. Using Wordpress as an example again, go to the Dashboard, then Options, then in the General Options area you can rename your blog. Other blogging tools have similar tools to change the title.
wordpress interface

If you're starting a new blog, make sure your URL and title work for you. If you already have a blog with a less than perfect title, try changing it.


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