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Baking and Books has scooped the blog world - to say nothing of the real world - with an up close and personal interview with our very favorite baker, none other than cookbook author and baker extraordinaire Dorie Greenspan![img_assist|fid=3725|thumb=1|alt=Dorie Greenspan Baking Cover]

To appreciate how much the blog world loves Dorie Greenspan and her new cookbook, Baking: From My Home to Yours, just check these Google Blog searches: "Dorie Greenspan" & delicious (124 entries to date) or perfect (96) or happy (73) or gorgeous (39) or wonderful (59) or "lovely" (54) or "world peace" (a to-die-for chocolate sable) (42). Or "love", yes, love, (150).

And the amazing news, she loves food bloggers too! In Ari's interview, Dorie says,

"I have been knocked-out, stunned, astonished, mind-boggled and thoroughly tickled by how popular my book and my recipes have been on the food blog circuit. Honestly, I can’t believe it, but it means the world to me that so many people have made my recipes and, more important, have found pleasure in them. I am deeply touched by how generous people in the blogosphere have been with their time, energy, enthusiasm and encouragement and I just wish there were some way that I could thank each blogger who has written about me and my work. I really don’t have words to express how much this has meant to me, so to you, Ari, and to everyone else “out there”, I say THANK YOU!"

And the really great news? Dorie Greenspan is now one of us! Dorie Greenspan has a blog!

Food bloggers - feel free to leave links to your Dorie Greenspan recipes in a comment.

Other bakers -- feel free to mention your favorite Dorie Greenspan recipes in a comment.

Contributing Editor Alanna Kellogg baked Dorie Greenspan's pumpkin muffins for One Hot Stove and her husband's first anniversary. Turns out, One Hot Stove is a Dorie Greenspan fan too and made her promise to make Dorie's World Peace Cookies. She did. They're lovely & gorgeous & delicious & perfect & wonderful cookies that make everyone VERY happy. Love, it's definitely love.


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