We've hit 100! And over 500!

BlogHer Original Post

Busy news day from me.

First I want to let you know that we have passed the 100 mark on BlogHer registrations. (93% of those are for full two-day passes.)

I must confess, we were figuring that Day Two would have higher attendance than Day One for several reasons:

a. Day One is on a Friday.
b. Day One is all techie and hands-on, and not everyone is into that.
c. Going for the full two-days obviously costs more than sticking to Day Two and its $99 price.

I have been thinking that the people who are registering and reserving hotel rooms this early are our out-of-town BlogHers (and the proportion of out-of-town registrants is pretty high.) If you're going to fly in, you're probably more likely to want as much BlogHer for your buck as possible!

So, I'm happy to hear you all chime in: are there a bunch of Day Two only kind of BlogHers out there, or were we crazy to ever think that?

Oh, and the over 500 reference? We have almost 540 BlogHer registered on this site and on our BlogHerRoll! In one week. Pretty amazing, huh?


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