Religion in the news: Link between faith and wellness?

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There are four recent articles in the news about religion that caught my attention.

1. Scientists studying the relationship between faith and wellness state that "people with strong religious beliefs have lower blood pressure, lower mortality rates from cancer and heart disease, and slower mental decline when stricken with Alzheimer's disease."

2.Leading Egyptian blogger stops blogging because of harassment by security forces unhappy with his "stinging commentary on the Islamisation of Egyptian society". His blog-name was sandmonkey.

3. Hispanics are changing America's religious landscape. A new study has been done. "Latinos who are evangelicals are twice as likely as those who are Catholics to identify with the Republican Party. Latino Catholics, on the other hand, are much more likely than Latino evangelicals to identify with the Democratic Party. These differences rival, and may even exceed, those found in the general population." This is a large survey, with almost 5,000 people included.

4. Some at Air Force Academy are again raising concerns about military supervisors coercing their subordinates into accepting fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity. And it looks like they are headed to federal court.

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