Men in Heels - it's all for charity

Men marching on street in heels. Photo by Zach Behrens.Green LA Girl points to a photo essay in The LAist that documents the annual "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" men's march in Sherman Oaks. The event raised money for the local trauma center. According to the LAist, "the men marched Ventura Boulevard chanting 'stop rape now' and getting onlookers caught in the traffic to honk their horns." What a great way to get people's attention and raise money. The event now takes place in cities across the United States.

Echidne of the Snakes points to Google Blogoscoped's gizmo that calculates the percentage of "he" vs. "she" at your website or blog.

That's fine, she says, but what's your point?

"The more interesting question might in some ways be why we need two (or more) separate terms for the third person singular. Why is it so important to know the sex of the person? I grew up speaking a language which has only one word for the third person singular and it also worked just fine."

ChasingMoksha tries to get a blog sticker and winds up feeling "the whole 'stop violence against women' was just a hook, an exploitation." Read all about it at her blog, Hah!.

Image: Zach Behrens for The LAist

Melinda Casino also writes at Sour Duck.


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